Sunday , January 17 2021

What's new in Google Maps are recommendations tailored for you

Once, when we had the whole world accessible from the palm of our hand, it seems that Google Maps have reoriented their strategy from positioning to recommendationsIn fact, besides not just going to Maps to see how to get to the sites, we also find out which ones are the best. And now they will be much more adapted to you.

With the interface changes, the bottom sections appear with two accesses: "I explore"A"displacements"Well, now we add a third section that is exactly called"For you"And what's in it?" The sites that Google AI will find according to your tastes and areas you are moving.

Find new sites tailored to your taste with the "For you" tab of Google Maps

What's new in Google Maps are recommendations tailored for you

Google has announced the update of its interface on the company's blog. Although the change has already been proven, it is now officially implemented in more than 130 countries: when you open Google Maps Below you will find three navigation tabs, each with very specific functionality.

Yes with "I explore"We have access to the most interesting thing that is close to us and with"displacements"Maps offer custom sites with incidents and times in the new tab"For you"We'll find new places that Google AI has found based on user tastes, and these are limited to our usual areas, so all discoveries will be part of everyday life, with the option edit and add new zones, of course.

What's new in Google Maps are recommendations tailored for you

In addition to room information we can keep your favorites with the "I want to go"This way we'll have them in favorites by having a counter at the top of the screen in the new lower section"For you".

It still does not appear in you Google Maps? The change is done by the server, but you can do this:

  • Access your Android settings and enter "applications".
  • Search Google Maps and enter your storage settings.
  • Clear the data and start Google Maps.
  • Close Google Maps and run it again: the "For you– It must be.

This new option offers not only a customized way to open new premises but also allows us to keep track of what is ahead. And this is a good way to find out what are the last openings of our city …

Version: varies depending on the device.

Author: Google LLC

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Size: Changes by device.

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