Thursday , May 13 2021

WhatsApp comes up with another very dangerous feature for infidels

The report shows that Facebook's Facebook platform can launch a new feature that allows users to preview videos received directly from the notification bar.

According to a WABetaInfo article, WhatsApp shows the tool to see the videos directly in the push notification for every iOS user who has beta installed on The feature will soon be available to all users through the App Store.

For those who are not in the topic, in the latest official release, you may see text messages and photos only through the notification bar.

Nowadays, WhatsApp users have to open the app to check the video messages they receive, which also shows the time of the last connection (if this feature is enabled). Once the new WhatsApp preview feature is introduced, users will be able to check all message types directly from the notification bar without having to enter the application or worry about the blue screen markers. screen of the sender.

The new feature also works from the phone's lock screen, which creates an important privacy issue for those who carry content that is not suited for indecent eyes.

Also, to prevent previews of blocked cell videos, WhatsApp will also implement a video preview disabling tool.

Usually, the rollout of new features starts for users of iOS beta, expands to Android betatesters, and finally reaches the official versions launched through app stores (AppStore from Apple and PlatStore from Android). Which means that we are still at an early stage of the launch of the new preview tool, although it is yet to reach for all users.

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