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Whatsapp: how to know if your cell phone has spyware

WhatsApp, the world's most important instant messaging service, was seriously affected these days when a serious security violation of the platform was detected that allowed cybercriminals to access their phone's victims.

According to Infobae, therefore, WhatsApp authorities have asked their users to update the service when they learn of a vulnerability that allows the attacker to take over the mobile phone with a simple voice call.

How can I update it?

In the case of Android, you need to sign in to Google Play, search for WhatsApp and click on 'Update'. If the option is not displayed, this is because the platform has been updated.

In the case of IOS, the Iphone operating system, you should go to the Apple Store and follow the same steps mentioned above.

For its part, author Sarah Romero, from the Muy Interesante magazine, has published an article in which she makes these steps known to know if you have this spyware on your mobile phone.

Although there is no infallible method, some checks can be made to know if we are affected.

1). Check the usage of data from any application: if there is an app that has spent a lot more megabytes than usual, it might be a signal.

2). See if your mobile phone behaves strange: if the battery is discharged faster than normal or overheating frequently, it may be a sign that you have spyware on your phone.

3). Check all installed programs: if you do not remember installing an application, do not delay or delete it.

4). Back up regularly: Always back up all data. If something bad happens, you can restore your phone without the risk of losing something. (Infobae and Very Interesting).

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