Monday , January 25 2021

WhatsApp makes it difficult to keep a secret when we see the status of another person

Until then, it was enough to disable read confirmations before performing this maneuver.

WhatsApp instant messaging service has changed the mode that allows you to view another person's temporary status without being notified, as reported last Sunday from the WaBetaInfo portal through his Twitter account.

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Previously, in order to perform this maneuver anonymously, users could disable read confirmations, "Spy" your contact news, and re-enable this feature without leaving any clues.

Result of the image for whatsapp states

However, from now on WhatsApp will send notifications to its users if someone has accessed their status in "invisible mode" and reactivated this feature in less than a day.

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In this way, anyone who wants to keep their personal views must re-activate this feature after 24 hourswhen the temporary states disappear and their authors can no longer know how many people see them.

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