Friday , June 18 2021

WhatsApp will activate a "padlock" to prevent you from adding to groups without your permission

WhatsApp It never ceases to amaze us with every update. In the coming months the application will ask for your permission to join the groups, which will prevent users from adding you to calls you do not want to participate in.

The tool is not yet available, but was upgraded by the Wabetainfo technology site, documenting all the achievements and innovations in the instant messaging application.

App developers work for release this new iOS and Android feature, but when you have the necessary enhancements and activate we can change the privacy of this app.

The new tool will be hosted in the privacy settings of hidden servers, which will prevent you from adding to groups you do not want.

"WhatsApp has decided to extend this feature for every user as there are WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business, add the group invitation feature"reads the specialized site.

This portal added that the feature can be activated "group invitation", following the routing: WhatsApp Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups.

When you reach the last section, the user has to choose who can add it to the groups between: everyone, my contacts or someoneThus, if the administrator can not add us, we will get an invitation request through the invitation system.

Wabetainfo explained that if you select the function of: all, you can always be added and therefore will not receive invitations; if you have chosen: My contacts You can be added to groups created by people on your agenda, so you will only receive invitations from those in your contact list. If your option was no one You will not be able to add directly to groups and they will have to send you a request every time someone wants to join a group.

You will have 72 hours to rate the invitation; If you do not accept it, it will expire and you will not be able to join until it sends you a new application.

It is important to note that you will not be able to receive two invitations from a group at a time.

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