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Where was Freddy Mercury's ash scattered?


Died November 24, 1991, at 45, Freddie Mercury is one of the main icons of the history of rock in particular and the twentieth century as a whole. That's why everything that surrounds his figure provokes extraordinary interest, even more so after the recent biopic premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody, which brought him back to the top.

One of the great mysteries around the queen's vocalist is related to this place where his ashes scattered after his deathSince Freddie (born as Farrok Bullara in Zanzibar in 1946) there is no tomb or tombstone where millions of fans can come to pay their respects.

The mystery does not really look like this, because everything seems to show that the ash is scattered in Lake Geneva, very close to the house that the musician had in this area, a few kilometers from Montreaux (Switzerland). A place where he and other members of the queen go to seek peace and interruption, and to work on their music.

As early as 2010, Freddie Mercury's personal assistant Peter Freestone said the ash was thrown into Lake Geneva, but this is not something that officially confirms a hundred percent. This version contrasts with that of some of the singer's relatives, who they say he was buried in Zanzibar,

It is also said to be resting at the foot of the huge oak that corroborates the garden of his Garden Lodge residence (London), and there are also those who claim to have been distributed among several theaters in London. However, none of these claims have been confirmed so far.

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For its part, the biographer of musician Leslie-Ann Jones told Billboard this week that Mercury's desire was that his ashes will be distributed exactly in Lake Geneva,

The writer remembers a particular encounter with the artist in 1986, and how they both sat at night on one of the shores of Lake Geneva, and shared with her a reflection: "Just throw me into the lake when I leave."

So, if Freddie Mercury's most intimate environment wanted to fulfill his will, it could be believed that his ashes were thrown and scattered in the Lake of Geneva, which so calmly gave the shining star of the rock.

This, moreover, has all the sense because of the same place there is the famous statue to which fans come to remember the musicianFrom whose death they are fulfilled this 24 and 27 years.


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