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Who is Brian Velasquez, the scavenger who saved Galardo's secret notes for the Super Cup against Boca

The book has just been released Gallardo Reloaded – written by Diego Borinski and deals with the second part of the coach's biography River (the first is titled Gallardo Monumental– an amazing movie event came out: the cleaner who found DT's notes in the trash bin within a week of the Boca Final and returned it to his owner just in time.

For the uninformed, the reported anecdote includes the theft suffered by doll One night in Palermo, where they broke the cup of his car and stole a briefcase, which contained, among other things, his passport, tablet and folders with all the planning and strategy he would use in the duel back in monumental from Superfinal on Copa Libertadores, And he has as his hero an unknown fan of a scavenger millionaire who found the documents and returned them.

Like any good story, she has a second part as well as her own cheerful You said your side of the facts, this time it was Brian Angel Velasquez do something and leave anonymity.

"I'm 30 years old and I've been working in Cleba for seven years, two as a sender, and five years ago I've been crawling. Here we start work at 11 o'clock in the morning and we go to 6 in the morning, although we usually end earlier. I go to bed at 8 when everyone wakes up because I have about two hours to travel home to a team, and I get up at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, night work is a bit more complicated. We have a route of about 10 or 12 blocks. We make a cord and a tie, that's our job, "began his presentation Chinese, in dialogue with the middle chain 3.

Born in Fuerte Apach and raised in the neighborhood by his grandmother and grandfather – because his mother could not take responsibility – Brian had been installed for several years in Jose Pass, northwest of the Buenos Aires setting, and has a history of shocking life "My old man was sick of the River, and he died while traveling by train monumental, I was hanging in Belgrano Norte while you were traveling in the field, as well as the trains when the river was playing and so they continued to this day: to the balls and everyone was drinking and smoking. He was not fromThe drunkards, but he had a group of people in the neighborhood, as is happening everywhere. He fights, pushes him, falls near Boulon Station and dies. I have recollections of this when he leads me to the yard, so I tell you that we have a very, very deep history with the River."He confesses to Borinski, who connects the two ends of this story.

The main actor in this adventure provided accurate coordinates when everything happened: Friday, November 16, 2018 at night, located on Cordoba Boulevard. Of course, faithful to the style of this fact, its location is the result of a magical chance of destiny. "My supervisor asked if I could cover one of the boys who did not go that night because he was sick. He gave me Avenida Cordoba, from Bullnes to Scarabriini Ortiz. I told him I had no problems"he explained.

"I worked well, as usual, quietly, two blocks before I arrived at Scabarbrini, Cordoba, went to send a basket of paper, we got a key to open it, but I was approaching, I saw a few folders on the River. I have the habit of taking everything that is red and white. Then I caught the folders, saw that they were full, that they had documents inside, and kept them in the tank of the car without looking at them. I continued to work, but after a few blocks I was curious. I had not finished the tour yet, but something made me open it. I left the car parked, went to sit at the entrance to a building with more light and opened the folders. EI began to see the names of players from the River and Boca, small arrows, boxes of formations, bench replacements, spreadsheets with numbers … I did not understand anything. What is this? – I asked. And among so many documents I found a passport that had a tape and the name Gallardo. I opened it and the picture of the doll and her details appeared there. Did you see when your legs are loose? Well, it was. He said to me, will this be a dream or a reality? I wanted to run, too many things went through my head at that moment, I thought there were millions of fans on the river and I had that in my hands. The first thing that went through my mind was that everything was complicated, it was a joke, something Boca's fans would have gone out on the street. Whether in those days nothing is said except for the final and the feeling that he lives on the street was terrible, "he says of the crucial moment.

It was so Brian Do not leave time to go. As soon as he returned from his job, he was awake to a decent time to call Nunis's club and report what he had found. "The girl must have thought it was a fool who was fucking, she asked me to leave the phone and tried to hit her in my eyes, but I could not. It was half an hour and a Marcello assistant called meand he really appreciated that gesture. He asked me how they could get me back and I said I just wanted to meet with mine Napoleon, to hug him, to take him back and take the shirt to the River, "Brian expects what the result will be.

This Saturday morning woke up his partner Carla and his son Matteo, 6, He approached the remission sent by the River, to which his father-in-law and his son-in-law joined him, and went to the Ezeiza estate where they were waiting with open arms. "We'll arrive at Ezeiza at 11 am, we wait at the press office, and at one point the security officer told me to spend only with my wife and my son. I just wanted to run and hug NapoleonI almost ate it, but I set myself up because Marcello should also feel uncomfortable. I told him, "You do not give us a clue what the fans of the River want us to play, we love you!" I asked him how the files had arrived and asked me how I found them. Then I told him very quickly about my father and the only thing I asked him was to win the Cup. There will be 10 minutes between the pictures and the conversations, I noticed it is condescending, I do not know whether because of my emotions or because I found things about him, he thanked me several times ", he smiled.

The question posed by the author of the book and the discoverer of this story at the end of his story is "What would happen if the metal was Boca's fan and escaped to give the notes of Guillermo Baroque the Squat, as if he had the soda formula?"And until there is a specific answer, herself Velasquez He revealed that this man, who had to cover the night, also had feelings River even though it was someonenormal, I'm a few categories above, I'm sick".

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