Wednesday , January 27 2021

Who selects Juan Roman Rikelm as the Superliminal figure between the river and Boca

Juan Roman Richelme analyzes the Copa Libertadores final Boca lost to the Madrid River and did not hesitate to choose a "millionaire" player as the great figure of the Super Finals.

"They were lucky to have" Nacho, "who has a higher level than the rest, playing a ball and that's the hardest," highlighted the idol "xeneize" in dialogue with Radio Fox. And I extend: "Anyone who runs, fights or crashes, plays a little game ball and they count on this player who he made an incredible game in the final, He has to congratulate him because he has scored a free goal for his teammateThat was the advantage they had.

On Boca's side, Romen appreciates Buffarini's performance, which almost completely cancels "Pity" Martinez. However, he recalled the virtues of former gymnastics and fencing La Plata: "Nacho is of a higher category, he made a decent game from someone else to tie the gameHe seems to do so. Previously, he kicked one and went to the ladder. He came, saying, "I'm in touch with him," and we did not have to say "the ball is no longer lost," they punish us and play with the clock. "

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