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Why Boca is the only big player who did not have his fans when playing at a distance – 13/02/2019

Boca fans witnessed a friendship against Aldosives in Mar del Plata on January 20 this year. However, so far in the current Super League, the club could not take its people out of matches outside of Bomboner and she was at a disadvantage with respect to the other four major Argentine football. What is the reason?

"If local club presidents do not want visitors to Boca, we can not do anything", explained Juan Manuel Lugones, head of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport (APreViDe).

"For Independiente, we offered to welcome Boca fans and they said yes, but then they stepped back, we got there, that's the place they organized and can choose to have no visitors," Lugonges added. He pointed out that "it is not about Boca, our leadership supports the return of visitors to football, we show it week by week in the Super League and in the promotion, and also in the summer tournaments in which Boca comes to play twice Mar del Plata ".

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The dispute began to increase this Tuesday after deciding that the River could rely on 7,000 fans in the game against Banfield this Sunday at 21.30 at Florencio Solla stadium. This is the fourth time that Marcello Galalldo's team has this privilege in this tournament.

The story of this season marks three other meetings: the visit to Santa Fe to face Columbus (date 9), the clash with Estudiantes (in the 11th) and the departure to Mendoza against Godi Cruz (13th). With 7,000 who will go to Banfield, the river will add 35,000 as a visitor.

But the Nunes club is not the only one. Avellaneda's teams also had an audience outside their home. Independiente led them to Rosario (date 1 against Newell), Quilmes (in fourth against Estudiantes) and Banfield (6th), while Racing fans were in Lanús (5th), Cordoba (14th day against Talleres) and Mar del Plata (16th with Aldozivi).

Finally, San Lorenzo had the opportunity to bring his fans on the fifth and sixteenth date: in Mendoza against Godi Cruz and in Florencio Varela before defense and justice.

Instead, José Lemme, the president of the falcon, does not think he is likely to repeat it last weekend in February when his team received Boca for the 20th day, precise. "This is the first time he came to Varela and our people will fill the field," he warned.

Then, when did Boca fans have a chance to visit another court other than the Bomboner at a local tournament match? It dates back to June 21, 2017, when these "neutral" were at the Roberto Carminati stadium for the Olympics match in Bahia Blanca.

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