On April 16, Sony surprised the entire videogame industry by revealing the first official PlayStation 5 data, Communication it was unexpected for the whole societybecause nothing previously filtered on the date. On the other hand, the company decided to resort to an important US environment –Wired– to offer the information. They completely turned off a press conference.

What was the reason that made Sony unveil a surprising PlayStation 5? Those from Japan just they wanted to avoid leaks before the official announcement. Jason Schreier, portal journalist Kotaku and who has reliable sources in the industry, said on Twitter this console development kits began shipping during the current month,

That's why companies such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Activision, which are only a few, are already getting the tools needed to develop games on the new platform. When this type of movement happens, there is nothing that can stop the leakageIn fact, the first details of the PS4 were leaked from studies that already had development kits.

Sony preferred to avoid any filtering before making an unpleasant surprise. Yes, certain technical data that will not be disclosed will certainly be published in the coming weeks for WiredIt is not yet known when a formal event will take place, but all rumors point to the second half of 2019.

While this happens, we know the PlayStation 5 will integrate a processor AMD Ryzen 8-core with Zen 2 architecture of 7 nm, on GPU This will be a customized version based on the AMD Navi family, which will be compatible with Tracking the beam (tracking of rays). This technology will also offer experience three-dimensional audio of the last generation.

In turn storage will have a SSD drive significantly speed up the loading time. The console will be retrospectively compatible with the titles of PS4 and will support PlayStation VR support. PlayStation 5 still has no exit date, but analysts and previous reports point to 2020,