Tuesday , June 15 2021

Why do British royalties usually wear no safety belts when driving? | community

A few days ago, Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Philip of Edinburgh, had an accident in her car. Although the car has been overturned, he has not suffered any injuries, but since then he has opened a discussion about a small detail shared by several members of his family.,

You may not have noticed, but practically did not have a member of the British royalties use a seat beltIn fact, Isabel II itself was spotted driving without this device days after the incident with her husband.

But this solution is not about an arbitrary solution or simply irresponsibility, as according to the Cosmopolitan website, the exolition of true protection Simon Morgan, explained that it is because of their security they do not wear belts. Yes, because they believe it is quicker to escape in case of urgency.

"Always there are anomalies. In the threat and risk matrix, it is a case-by-case analysis to decide which is the best way to achieve the desired. For example, it is believed that the quick entry or exit of the vehicle is easier when people are not tied to safety belts– he said.

He added that the security of royal members is a very special surveillance zone, but there are always "gray areas". For this reason, each individual situation is always considered in order to assess the risks and threats in the most practical way possible.

Of course, the youngest are not so convinced of this rule, as we have seen several times using the belt.

Andrew Coey | AFP

Andrew Coey | AFP

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