Wednesday , June 16 2021

Why is the International Condom Day celebrated on February 13th?

On February 13 in more than 31 countries international condomy day, This date aims to encourage the responsible use of this product to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and infections.

This day's holiday was proposed and created by the AIDS Health Foundation in 2012. This particular date was chosen because it is about it a day before Valentine's Day or Valentine's Daywhen people are more prone to intimate relationships.

The majority of the countries that organize activities in honor of this date are in Africa, but there are also several Latin American countries celebrating that day as Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Brazil.

Using a condom during sex has a double benefit: avoid pregnancy unwanted and protect yourself from the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (ETS).

In early February, the National Health Secretariat reported this 98% of people infected with HIV in 2018 he infected with unprotected sex. Another worrying fact in this report is this one two of the ten diagnoses They are under 25 years of age.

"All indicators show an upward trend in sexually transmitted infectionsboth in the general population and in pregnant and congenital, "according to the latest annual epidemiological report.

This is added to the Provincial Youth Survey published in July last year, which states that 25% of girls aged 15-29 in Argentina who do not use contraceptives they avoid them because their partner does not want it,

There are free places to sell condoms: here is the complete list.

How is the condom properly used?

– Use it from the begining sexual intercourse, and anal and oral sex.

– Before you put it, always look expiry date,

– Do not use it if you open it when you open it brittle, sticky or Visibly damaged,

– Get it out careful packingavoiding the use of teeth or sharp tools such as knives or scissors.

– Do not use two togetherfriction can damage the latex and lead to fracture.

– I mean that It can not be reused or recycled,

– If you want to use lubricants based on water to avoid damage to the latex.

– Keep them in a dry and fresh place because excessive heat or humidity may affect the material (so it is not recommended to store them for a long time in the bag or pockets).

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