Monday , January 25 2021

Will Pamampa and Pico Monaco return? They found them together again!

Carolina Ardohehan and Pico Monaco had a beautiful relationship that lasted for two years. But the relationship ended in the middle of this year at the height of a huge discussion of the model. Recall that among the rumors of separation pampita He fought a Los Angeles journalist in the morning and resigned his Pampita Online program.

As the entertaining journalists at that time commented, the pagan goddess he had offered the tennis player to live with her and her children, but he did not accept it. "Pico said," I do not want to do it anymore, because she did not want to just live with him, she wanted to marry, have children, and start a family, so Carolina craves Monica's refusal, "said Ianina Lottor at LAM .

The truth is that the top model remains in deep silence and avoids the friction of the shoulders with the press throughout this period, even at first to deny partition. Finally, in mid-September, they found her with Polito Pierres, going out of the movie theater, and then there were a few more pictures of them. But it seems that romance does not work and, less than a month later, they stopped seeing each other. Pico, on the other hand, was associated with many women, but there was no evidence of these novels.

In no time expensive and Monaco stopped seeing, and they both had a heartbeat, first because he loved his children, secondly because they shared a dog: Osaldo. It did not look strange at all, but there were some winks that suggested there was still love between them. And obviously … they met again!

According to CiudadMagazine, last Thursday, the conductive and the eclectic were found in the Racket club where they were found to be kissing. Obviously, the relationship that unites them is so strong that they gathered last week. "We treat each other with absolute respect, always … With someone who has been with you for two years, respect and love prevail, this will always be between us," he said in an interview with Ariba Argentinos.

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