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Within five days of the Lavinia and Urtubiy lists being closed, the candidate for Governor of Buenosirene

It began, after a rainy holiday, a discount time setting down candidate lists They must appear before the constitutional justice on Saturday, June 22nd. Roberto Lavane and Juan Manuel Urtubay They are short-term partners but need to speed up the nomination of candidates against the limits set by the electoral calendar.

One of the key places is the nomination for Governor of Buenos Aires Province. This is a crucial area defining the formulas of the two main opponents. Maria Evgenia Vidal and Daniel Salvador will compete for the ruling party, while Axel Kissilof and Veronica Magario will play for Kirchner. The third way does not yet have its own name that occupies this position.

In the dribbling they made you inside Federal consensusthe space that arose as a merger of the agreement between the governor of Salta and the former minister of economy, five leaders with different profiles that were rated as potential candidates, In the last days everyone has been subject to inspection.

After the alliance between Lavagna and Urtubey was closed, immediate rumors of a possible postulate Graciela Cammanio of the government. The national MP moved away from Frente Renovador, who mostly accompanied Masa's decision to agree with the Kirchner, and encouraged negotiations between the two presidential candidates to join the same formula.

Cammano was key to the third-way agreement to survive the extreme polarization that exists in the current political scenario. Originally in the new space, they thought this could be an alternative. However, The legislation itself excluded the possibility of taking up this placeShe does not want to be a governor candidate.

The first place in the list of MEPs for Buenos Aires also seems to have the name Kamanjo. Within the federal consensus, they imagine they are at the head of the vote. She is the leader of the platforms with a history that has repeatedly noted her differences with Kirchner. In addition, he has experience and command of the lower chamber, where he still has a mandate.

Beyond the positions that seek him or where his name is appropriate, Kamanjo does not desperately want to have a place on the armed list. She is determined to support the cause but does not want a place in return. In short, it remained within the third power where I wanted to support an anti-fever project.

Another name that appeared was Margarita Stolbiser The GEN leader has supported Lavagna's candidacy from the outset and is one of the leaders who are working to position positions between the economist and the manager of Salta. But the former legislator does not want to occupy this place as well. You have already determined that you will not compete for governorship.

Instead, Stolbiser can take the first steps from the list of MEPs for Buenos Aires. He will accept to head the list to give him, from his place, a progressive identity of space. But negotiations have not yet begun. No confirmed applications or reserved locations.

In the list of MPs, they also have to define what the space alliance will have and if Marco Lavanja will take a place on one of the steps. The economist has not yet determined whether to compete Head of the Buenos Aires Government or if he wants to renew his mandate in the Chamber of Deputies.

The name that appears to be more capable of being a candidate for governor is that of Eduardo "Bali" BukaThe former Mayor of Bolivar and the current national MP approached Lavanja's space when the economist decided to continue with his political project. He has maintained good relations with Urtubay and has been working from the outset in building the federal alternative.

Buka is Trusted Friend of Marcelo Tinley and this is one of the links between the driver and the suburbs of the suburbs in the last months when Tinelli flirts with a reversal of politics and expresses his sympathy for the electoral scheme that is not composed of kambieemos or kirinism.

"Bali" Buka joined the Congress in 2017, starting the list of members of Meet, the space created by Florencio Ronaldo, the leader with whom he has a fluid dialogue. He is currently part of the Justicialista Bloc in the lower house.

The Bolivarian Deputy is one of the names in which both LaVanja and Urtubi agree that he may be a good candidate for the province. They understand that it is a new person that symbolizes renewal and that it remains in federal peronism, which has been remarkable in recent years to be a distance from the Carnery. Buka's name has a consensus in space.

The former Senator is also included in the list of potential candidates María Laura Leguizamón and the neurologist Facundo Manes, with which Lavagna's team has been in contact for some time and is waiting for a response to find out if she will finally be part of the space and whether she wants to take a seat on the Candidate List.

Lavagna and Urtubey will concentrate most of the talks between Tuesday and WednesdayIn addition to the key positions, they said they would be nominating mayor candidates in the 135 counties of Buenos Aires and a list of national legislators in each of the Argentine provinces. The assembly will be completed. They are ready to fight despite stifling polarization.

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