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Without Masks Cristiano Ronaldo Explains What Is The Main Difference With Lionel Messi – 08/13/2019


Salary, treasury pressure, bad relationships with Florentino Perez but most of all, the search for new goals was some of the reasons that led to Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Real Madrid to get to Juventus. The Portuguese wanted to show that he could shine outside the White House and that this was another factor in his constant struggle Lionel Messi To the top of world football.

And although it has not yet been able to conquer Europe with Vecia Signora, The CR7 had already done it with Manchester United and for him this distinguishes him from the Argentine.

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"Messi is a great player who will be remembered not only for the Golden Balls, but for always being up, year after year, like me. The difference with me is that I have played in different clubs and have also won the Champions League with different clubs".

"Not many players have five championship titles, so I think I identify with this race.", commented on the five-time Golden Ball winner of the documentary series The creation, on DAZN.

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In addition, the Portuguese explained what motivates him to continue to compete at this level: "You get up every day to train to get something, It's not just about making money. I miss the money, thank God. I want to win a place in football history. Earn more and more. "

At 34 years old and in an enviable physical condition, Cristiano explained that it's not easy to keep fit: "It's very hard to keep up and stay on top. This athletic and lean body doesn't fall from the sky. I'm kidding, but it's true. After trophies have a lot of work to do. "


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