Sunday , June 13 2021

You'll be tagged if you're too aggressive at Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component of Red Red Redemption 2, this is barely in the beta, which means that Rockstar is still working hard to improve it to offer a better experience. As a result of these efforts, the survey will soon launch an update with several changes. One of the most impressive is that you will be tagged if you are too aggressive.

Through a statement, Rockstar announced that it is taking steps to imitate certain types of destructive behavior in its community. That's why it will reduce the visibility of the map icons. This way you can only see the position of players who are close to you (150 meters) or who have fired.

This is not all, as they will add a system of shame that will make players who are too aggressive to stand out. This means punishing those who attack other players or kill them. The higher the level of shame, the more visible your position for other players.

A new systemcompensas will be added to it, which will lead to an NPC that will try to kill players with a high-pitched reason why they are offered a prize. It is worth noting that the more cruel the crimes, the bigger the money that will be on the head of the person doing them.

The good news is that the shame will not be eternal. This means that if you commit a lot of crimes and repent, you can behave well for a while, so that the level of the disaster disappears.

That's not all, as Rockstar prepares other news Red Dead OnlineThese include new day-to-day challenges that will allow you to meet individual goals for additional prizes. There will also be some general improvements that will offer a more enjoyable experience.

According to Rockstar Games, all these new features will debut on February 26th. Keep in mind that next week there will be more news for this update. We will be on the alert and will inform you when we know more.

What do you think about the changes that Rockstar is preparing for? Red Dead Online? Tell us in the comments.

Red Red Redemption 2 Debuts last year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1. You can learn more about this version if you read our review or click here.

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