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Aadie's Billboard Bill Shawen faced the "misleading" voters of Queensland

Critics have condemned the billboard as a misuse of political advertising after Liberal National Senator for Queensland, Matt Canavan, published a photo of it in the social media, which has boasted that "she just went to Rockhampton to remind everyone, including Bill, what he actually said. "

"Labor simply can not be trusted," says Senator Canavan, who is a federal minister of resources.

At first, the labor leader refused to be interrupted.

At first, the labor leader refused to be interrupted. Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

The billboard is in the ultra-marginal electorate of Capricornia, which is currently held by liberal national MP Michel Landry who would offer the proposed mine.

This will be a key battleground of the federal election, along with coalition workers in North Queensland Dawson, Herbert and Flynn as an employment, energy and environmental policy that is key to voters in the federal election on May 18th.

Mr Shorten's position on the controversial mine has changed since March 2018, when he told reporters: "I do not support the Adani project," and "this project just does not accumulate."


Some social media users objected to the billboard, questioning the source of the image and assuming it was Photoshopped.

– This ad is worse than GetUp. You have to apologize! a Facebook user wrote.

Another said: "LNP realizes they can not compete in a fair competition, so they have decided to lie, cheat and steal their way to election victory."

Others supported the ad, with one voter saying Senator Canavan "merely states that Shorten is lying about Adana's opposition – which is true, there is video evidence that he does not support him."

Another writes that labor "must officially oppose Adani".

Political advertising is covered by electoral rules that make it unlawful to mislead citizens how to vote, such as voting cards.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is dealing with complaints about the content of the ad campaign, which should not be misleading or misleading.

The progressive lobby group, GetUp, has been forced to extract a satirical advertising campaign depicting Tony Abbott as a savior who ignores requests to help someone drown after a storm of criticism.

Mr Shorten, who previously said he did not support the Adani mine, has repeatedly refused to explain that this week, the federal approval of the project can not be reconsidered before he reinforces his position not to do so on Wednesday, saying: "We're not going to see Adani, stop.


The issue has caused Labor Party violations and trade unions that fund a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign to install Mr Shorten as Prime Minister with those in the Northern Queensland Campaign to Develop Mining Activities in the Galilee Basin.

The quintessential branch of the powerful Union for Construction, Forestry, Marine, Mining and Energy is pushing all candidates to sign a promise of their support for coal jobs, while more than 30 unions have approved strikes by students demanding the suspension of the Adani mine.

Jobseekers who hold mandates in Queensland have expressed support for coal mining, while those in Sydney and Melbourne have opposed.

Stop Adani's campaigns have gathered nearly 50 branches of work and works councils in Victoria, New Jersey and Queensland, who have submitted proposals to support the suspension of Adani coal mine, and 24 MPs and public sector candidates have expressed concern about the project.

The coalition campaign turned to comment.

Dana is a reporter on health and industrial relations for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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