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AFL 2019: Boycott Over Joffa Fans

AFL is left with laughter for mixed messages about apparently overcoming the behavior of fans.

Now the game faces a boycott of the self-proclaimed leader of the Columbia team, Jofa Corph, who says he will organize to keep fans away from football's arrival until the league apologizes to supporters.

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It comes after AFL has issued a warning to Carlton's supporter that he has discarded the use of the term "bald whip" during Carlton's victory over Brisbane this weekend.

The blues had been shot down from Marvel Stadium after claiming he was equalizing the judges Matthew Nichols' slashes during the 12th round.

The League has not released a fan who made a few appearances on the Melbourne radio this week, an excuse.

Although AFL takes action against fans in several incidents this season, league officials insist that no headquarters are being repressed.

In a post on Facebook, Joffa said AFL would have to find clippings to replace his team – unless Gillon McLachlan's executive director apologizes to fans and treats them with "respect."

"I will not be in another AFL game until Gill comes out and apologizes to all supporters the way we treat," says Joffa.

"Someone has to speak on behalf of all other worthy supporters of the attitude as we have been depicted.

– Football is all about jokes and entertainment, and we are walking around. This is for you and me. I have never felt indignation on the terraces like what we see now.

"So AFL will pull you out of a supporter card to replace us, get the fake noise from the crowd of speakers on every ground to replace us. We are the game or at least we thought we were.

AFL's faulty attitude was also fun on Wednesday evening on Channel 7 Front bar,

AFL House's statement in response to the question appears to be unclear.

In a statement published Wednesday afternoon, the league said the suppressed supporter had received a warning about the incident, but no further action would be taken.

The behavior of fans in the games has been the focus of attention lately, since it seems that there have been serious responses to incidents that are unlikely to appreciate the reference in the past.

Richmond's supporter was stuck in three games banned by the club after claiming to call an arbiter a "green gourd".

The Collingwood pilgrim was interviewed by Victoria's police at MCG on Monday for too noisy driving, which made the AFL AFF Association write in the league to explain what is and is not acceptable behavior of supporters.

AFLFA President Jerry Eyman said the incidents show that the door poles seem to have changed in the behavior of fans this season. This is not the case, according to AFL.

"For more than 100 years footy is a place to gather, take advantage of and share our experience in any way," the private statement said.

"There was no directive from AFL to change that.

"The day's match is one of the biggest sports experiences, a place where you can be expressive and passionate about your team and the game has always been, will always be.

"In the season 2019 there has been no change in expectations for the behavior of everyone in the games.

"AFL's message to everyone is clear – go on foot, shack as hard as you can, enjoy the game and do it in a responsible way."

Eeman says there has been a growing sense of disappointment among fans of what seems to be a change in AFL's policy without warning.

"We see several incidents where fans are removed from stadiums that would not have been eliminated last season or 100 years before," he said.

"We do not justify the misuse of judges or players, but we think there seems to be too much reaction to deal with this problem and leaves many fans confused about what is or is not acceptable.

"There is also a sense of creeping feeling that football is being watched by Big Brother." Tiger team members are reported to have a superiority over the safety of the AFL stadium and observers this season.

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