Friday , July 23 2021

Alexa is learning how to build smarter home gadgets

Amazon Alexa devices, from Echo speakers to third party devices, can chat with many gadgets that are connected around your home and give them power with just one command. But, after a few teeth got into a low power lottery state, they basically went the grid for Alexa.

But this will change, because Amazon revealed a new "wake-on-LAN" feature that will allow Alexa to communicate with sleeping devices that are supposed to be deaf to their requests.

And, music in the ears of older TV owners, you don't need new hardware to take advantage of this feature.

Wake up from your sleep

If you are the owner of a connected smart TV connected to your local network, all that is needed is that your TV maker brings together skills that utilize wake-on-LAN controls.

Hisense, LG, and Vision have worked to integrate these features, and expect them to be present in "the next few months". Expect others to immediately follow.

Bringing new functionality to your existing gear, Alexa is becoming increasingly desirable, no matter the make up of your home appliances.

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