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All video games can not be played when you are pregnant

There are many fun things you can not really do during pregnancy: water slides, alcohol, trampolines, remaining until 10:00. I think video games will be totally unaffected persecution, but as I have found, even the precious time of the couch is not safe.

The first time I knew I was expecting a baby, for example, I was halfway transmitted by bloodThe luxurious masterpiece of the horrors of FromSoftware, and I loved it. Unfortunately, it turns out that transmitted by blood is a horrible game to play in pregnancy.

His elegantly annoying storyline, if you want to explore the knowledge about it, revolves around monstrous births, infantile and stillborn babies. But it was not until I entered the Monsens Nightmare, a horrible area, pleasantly sounded by a crying child who ended up fighting a boss with something called Mergo's Wet Sister, and I officially threw the towel.

Baby crying stops suddenly after you beat this boss; a few seconds later Nightmare Slain appears on the screen. So, even indirectly, you almost certainly kill the baby transmitted by bloodAnd you will definitely kill a terribly deformed baby if you try to pursue the three parts of the umbilical cord that unlock the hidden end as the wikis and guides will inform you with ridiculous impartiality.

What the hell, FromSoft!

Years later I had not found my stomach back to the Nightmare. But still transmitted by bloodThe themes were an obvious source of discomfort, in fact suddenly I found it hard to cope with the stressful character of the game.

In the same way you suddenly can not withstand the smell of onions, or feel bad at the thought of a favorite food because of the chemicals that pregnancy relaxes in your body, I find that hormones also drastically change my taste.

If there are two brain chemicals that determine our responses to most video games, they are dopamine and adrenaline. Dopamine is the pleasure you get from overcoming the challenge – defeating the boss, reaching the level, and so on.

Adrenaline, of course, is a wave of the whole body that comes from competition and danger. Action games and racing shooters both lean super strong on these chemicals; this is what makes them pleasant.

Pregnancy makes any interesting things about your brain chemicals and actually your brain as a whole. As things progress, many women begin to feel pretty stupid, forgetting things all the time or feeling strangely calm. It feels like a downgrade from the CEO of my own brain to the regional manager: I just had the less intellectual resources I had when I wanted, because my body probably redirected my energy to, I do not know, building kidneys of the baby.

You are also flooded with estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy, hormones that can alter your mood and change the way you respond to things. Relax relaxes joints and tendons. Later, prolactin and oxytocin – fuzzy binding chemicals that make you feel very high – also come into the mix.

This powerful combination of natural medicines is what drives many pregnant women to watch in their fridge for their shoes or to cry in advertising. Maybe it's not surprising that they also get involved with the games I like.

I'm already halfway through my second pregnancy, and all of a sudden, dopamine and adrenaline are no longer pleasing chemicals for the brain. Indeed, I now experience them as actively unpleasant because they send my reaction to a fight or a flight in overdrive. And once again this annoyingly coincides with the FromSoftware release: I hit Genichiro Ashina in Sekiro over a month and I completely lost my stomach nerves and a strong stomach to take it. I get sweaty and panic when I try to play it and eventually I touch a living money.

That makes sense if you think about it: my lizard's brain that feels my current physical vulnerability feeds me with chemicals that keep me out of stressful or risky situations and make me avoid the danger. I do not know that I am alone pretending Being in the dangers of fun.

So, for the moment, games that cause stress are out of the table for a while: it means games with frequent failures, time-wrestling games, games that are very competitive. Goodbye for now, The devil can cry 5, Goodbye, Effect of TetrisI'll see you again when my brain chemistry comes back under control.

What am I playing instead? The games that veteran designer of Bree Code games will call "trend and friend", unlike fight or flight. Games where you build things or solve puzzles where there is no immediate danger.

Suddenly I came back The Sims and Stardew Valley, to adventures like The celestial vault, to Builders of Dragon Quest and Minecraft (Good lord, see how much Minecraft has changed over the past few years? I barely recognize it.) I feel the universe with a friend in the latest version of Heavenly SkyLighten things, in summary. If anyone has any more recommendations to take me over the next four months – especially new brilliant new ones – I would be happy to get them.

By the way, I'm currently working on a gamer's podcast named Spawnpoint. More information hereif that sounds like something.

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