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Amazing Moon Photography

Moon photography by Jason Weingart

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Nights on January 20 and January 21 marked a spectacular heavenly event. It was during this time that the United States saw a rare Moon of the Super Blood Wolf. Photographer Jason Weingart knew that this was a sight that should not be missed. The moon will be 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual, and will be the last complete lunar eclipse until May 2021. To celebrate the occasion, he photographed and composed six stages of the moon in a breathtaking shot .

Weingart's moonlight shows a progression of the celestial body when it rises from the horizon to its complete eclipse. He began taking pictures at sunset, and simultaneously filming and editing his composite image; it was finished shortly before midnight on January 20th. The resulting photo is a stunning transition on our moon, and it highlights how much it has changed for a short period of time. You can not help but you are afraid of our galaxy.

It was an honor to talk to Weingart about his image, which became viral shortly after he shared it with Instagram. In addition to night photography, Weingart is also a storm haunter who has conquered a terrifying tornado in the Midwest. Scroll down to learn more about the composite picture of Super Blood Wolf Moon and Weingart's career as a time photographer.

Astronomy by Jason Weingart

Geminid Meteor Shower

What inspired you to capture the Super Blood Moon Moon?

I had not been taking my teeth for more than a month since Geminid Meteor Shower. I really just wanted to do something fun and hope to inspire people to go out and look up!

What was the process for capturing this photo? How long does it take to shoot the six stages of the moon until the composite picture is completed?

It took me about six hours in total. How overwhelming the event was, I knew there would be a ton of photographers photographing it. I wanted to get something out [that was] eye-catching and one of the first to do so. I started shooting at sunset.

I wish I had a better lens, like 400 mm, used for the solar eclipse 2017, but I used a cheap 250mm. I shot the 105mm barn to give a compressed look and eliminate some trees on both sides. After it became dark and I had pictures, I began to work on the composite image before the blackout began. I grabbed the moon every 30 minutes, then I went back to work on the composite. After we reached the peak at 11:12 AM, I finished the shooting and finished the shooting.

Amazing Moon Photography

Detail from the picture of the Moon of Super Blood

Have you any idea how you want the composite to look before you shoot?

Yes, I have seen many other lunar eclipses of inspiration.

What artistic freedoms have you taken to create the captivating image?

I took much more artistic freedoms than I ever had on any image I released. I increased the moon by 75% to give a truly dramatic effect. I also used a background with many stars, because during a lunar eclipse it really gets dark. I also made the whole event much lower than the horizon. The first moon is in the right place, but then it was much higher in the sky.

Amazing Moon Photography

Detail from the picture of the Moon of Super Blood

What kind of equipment do you use when taking pictures at night?

Most often I take pictures of the Milky Way type, so I usually use Canon 6D with a 16-35mm lens and spacebar. I take a lot of time, so this is usually the end product I mean.

Storm Photography by Jason Weingart

A few tornadoes in Ford County, Kansas on May 24, 2016

Besides shooting the night sky, you are also a storm chaser. How did you get into this line of photography?

In fact, I went into the night sky photography as something I had to do when there were no storms. I immediately fell in love with shooting at night. I love the challenges and the results that night photography presents. I attended the Southeastern Center for Photographic Studies. I never even took DSLR before I signed up for the program.

I knew I did not care to be in a studio, so I started shooting a lot of sports photojournalism. I have been interested in time since the earliest, so when I felt comfortable with the camera, I decided to try to shoot a flash. It took several attempts, but once I understood it, I never looked back.

Storm Photography by Jason Weingart

Tornado in Bennington, Kansas on May 28, 2013

Storm Photography by Jason Weingart

Jason and his wife Savannah

What is your most memorable attempt to pursue a storm and is there a picture that catches her best?

Over the last few years there have been so many unforgettable experiences. I would like to say that my beloved will be the first tornado I witnessed in Bennington, Kansas on May 28, 2013. This was the first time I met Savannah, now my wife. We watched the storm form a few cloud clouds to become a massive supercell that produces a long-lived tornado EF3. We were only a few hundred feet from where we first touched.

Astronomy by Jason Weingart

The Valley of Monuments at the Utah / Arizona border is the place of a workshop

You have been learning many workshops for a year. What can participants expect to learn when they take?

I am so blessed with what I do to live and grateful to all our guests who spend their earned money to join one of our seminars. No matter what seminar they are attending, they can expect to learn more than they thought possible about the topic of the seminar.

We have guests with a wide variety of photographic experiences so everyone learns something different. Some just get acquainted with their cameras so they can expect to feel comfortable using manual settings and create a better foundation for their photography. Others have fictional cameras, so we can focus on some more advanced editing processes, or help them understand better how to do it all by themselves.

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