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Asian Champions League Qualifications: Newcastle Jets vs Persia Jakarta score, goals, highlights, extra time

Newcastle has defeated Persia Jakarta 3-1 in the Asian Champions League qualifying match at McDonald's Jones Stadium.

The game ended 1-1 at the end of regular time.

But the jets led the Indonesian side out of the season, with Nigel Bogaard scoring a goal for the 101st minute to lead Newcastle.

Ben Kantorowski nodded the ball into the unmarked Bogdard's path in one corner, and the Jets captain finished clinically.

Jets' end-to-end opener

Jets' end-to-end opener


Then, in the 120th minute, he replaced Nick Cowburn and Matt Ridton in combination, and Ridenton dropped out of the hosts of Cowburn to make it 3-1.

Nigel Godard. (Photo: Ashley Feder / Getty Images)
Nigel Godard. (Photo: Ashley Feder / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Croatian striker Marco Simic started for Persia, although he appeared in court in Sydney on Tuesday morning on charges of having committed an act of indecency without consent and a number of ordinary attacks on board an overseas flight.

Simic, who was released on condition of a warranty, allegedly inadvertently touched a woman traveling on a flight from Bali.

Earlier in the game neither of the two sides managed to overcome the impasse in the first half, which had no chances but missed the finesse of both teams.

"It's definitely not a liquid in the Newcastle Jets." I think they would be extremely disappointed in the first half, "said former Adelaide striker Bruce Gates for Fox Sports.

"And when I say that while they are away from their capacity, they still have fantastic chances."

A golden opportunity saw Dimi Petratos hit a chance with a heavy first touch.

"Look, this is a perfect opportunity to achieve goal and one-touch in the box of 18 yards from one of your best players, extremely disappointing," said Jate.

– And that's what the whole team does. The thoughts in their head begin to sneak around that it will not be our day?

Just four minutes after the break, the Jets opened the dots.

Ronald Vargas opened the score. (Photo: Tony Feder / Getty Images)
Ronald Vargas opened the score. (Photo: Tony Feder / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Petratos found Kane Sheppard with a class ball, and the attacker threw it on Roy Oanoven.

The Irishman dropped the ball to Ronald Vargas, who opened the score.

But Persia Jakarta hit back in the 72th minute when the Jets failed to clear their defensive lines and Ramdani Lestalhuu headed home.

In the second half there were a few other chances but in the 89th minute there was a drama. Donovan played quickly when he recovered from a trauma break, only to miss a one-on-one stroke. The players of Persia showed their anger at the experience and threatened to invade.

The Jets had a lion's share of chances in the first half, but the bad shots in the field were expensive.

Airplanes face a difficult two-stage qualification process to qualify for the ACL group stage.

Now they reach the final match against the 2018 ACL winners Kashima Antlers.


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