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Auckland Bunnings unveiled its first home with $ 86k flat bundles

It took them only three months to become a house in Oakland suburb of Onehunga, using a new construction system launched by the retailer.

In a challenge to traditional home building methods, Bunnings began selling flat-bed flats in New Zealand under its own brand Clever Living Co. NZ Herald,

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Trent Building Solutions erected the self-contained two-bedroom home of 83 sq. M.

The house on the north side is Suffolk's design and has a separate washroom with a luggage storage cabinet, audio speakers in light bulbs, a security camera system installed outdoors and a bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower.

Builders Matt Cross and Tristin Havent from Trent gathered the flat packages on the spot, and big orders arrived through a series of trucks.

"You do not know," said Cross, referring to the new house, which does not differ from those built by traditional methods or techniques. "This is the first thing we did in Auckland.

Other builders have put their homes in their yards and then transferred them to places.

"It's portable and can be transported all over the country," says the cross of the nearly-completed "Onengunga" house, but it has not yet finished painting and then shaped.

The price of $ 91,278 for flats does not include GST or earthworks, land price, cost sharing by a territorial authority, or service connections, including energy, sewage and rainwater.

Cross said the project was clear and the ready-made house would be leased.

All the doors and windows are double glazed, the kitchen has a wooden floor on the floor, the roof is inclined at 8 degrees, and the cladding is a cement screed, he said.

De Bikerton, New Zealand's Banning Sales Director, said demand for flat-bed flats rose in the year after the market and sold more than 50 flat-panel flats.

"The lack of quality and affordable housing options saw Clever Living Co. can be well accepted as an affordable option, "he said.

"With our partners, we have developed a number of different design packages with Angus's three-bedroom design, 96 square meters.

– We did a lot of homework. The early result is encouraging, and as we get more feedback from our customers and our construction partners, we expect to make some fine changes in the coming years to improve the bid, "he said.

Bunning's own houses are only available in New Zealand.

This article originally appeared on the NZ Herald and was reproduced with permission

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