Saturday , July 31 2021

Australian post under fire for improper packet handling after video is viral

The Australian Post Courier Service is under fire after video delivery trucks were launched and packed in a parking lot.

People living in the area said they did not see it for the first time.

The video shows Star Track drivers in McDonald's parking lot in northern Perth, throwing packages and shipments on the bitumen.

Nearly half a million people have already watched the video online, which was shot by Michelle Shusmith yesterday in Kyrgyzstan.

"They just started throwing plots from a van on the ground. Things were moving, jumping, "she said.

Furious, she published it on Facebook.

"I was like, oh my God. People need to see what they do with their belongings, "said Mrs. Shu-Smith.

– They could cause damage. There may be phones, laptops. There were quite a lot of objects that jumped around the parking lot.

There were more packages in Ellenbrook stores.

Residents said it was not the first time Star Trek couriers met in the parking lot, and half a dozen drivers were gathering there or even twice a week to exchange land.

Another witness Michael said the incident was not once.

"I looked at them several times," he said.

– I think it's disgraceful. Poisonous ".

Australia Post – which owns Star Track – apologized, saying her customers deserve better.

Investigating what happened.

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