Wednesday , September 22 2021

Bam Margera is rehabbing after a hotel arrest

Yesterday morning (August 14), donkey and Viva La Bam star Bam Marguerite was arrested after a bizarre incident at a Los Angeles hotel. In a series of recent publications, there were fans and others concerned about the star's health and well-being, and now TMZ reports that Marguerite has re-entered the rehab facility.

Over the past two weeks, Marguerite has turned to the help of television personality and psychologist Dr. Phil. The two met and sat in a session that reportedly included his mother April. An agreement was reached to re-enter rehab (Marguerite entered rehab in January, only to be checked 10 days later), but less than a week remained of what was supposed to be a 60-90 day stay.

To mark the session with Dr. Phil, Marguerite visited Kat Von D.'s tattoo shop to get the name of the TV presenter tattooed on his neck, along with a sound program you can see here.

"I hope he can resume treatment. My attitude is NEVER transmitted to the disease. It's a tractor and you can never throw the end of the rope," Dr. Phil told TMZ.

Sources close to TMZ said Marguerite had re-entered rehabilitation as soon as she was released from custody and will now need to be complicit in following certain rules and guidelines during her treatment. Marguerite is believed to have agreed to everything.

We wish Bam Marguerite strength and well-being on his path to rehabilitation.

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