Wednesday , March 3 2021

Blizzard kills "" joke, but they liked it

Blizzard Entertainment does not talk about Diablo 4 and looks very protective of it. As long as the developer has not yet announced Diablo 4, Blizzard's lawyers have taken a fun jump to

According to Reddit, the redirect owner,, Blizzard's lawyers sent a message saying "Cybersquatting and Trademark Abuse".

"Editor Blizzard has found the joke ridiculous," but he has taken it to "minimize the damage" to Diablo 4. He also noted that attorneys were not up to him and wanted fans to stop attacking Blizzard.

Also, attorneys have only received the owner to redirect to a Goole search page. It is good to see that a big studio is not roughly over a joke to divert Diablo 4 and solve the problem in a civilized way.

Speaking of Diablo, fans want Diablo 4 for quite some time. This desire is even stronger among fans after the catastrophic disclosure of Diablo Immortal.

However, leaks and rumors show that Blizzard Entertainment actually works on Diablo 4. According to a new rumor, Blizzard originally developed as a soul-like game with over-the-shoulder perspective.

However, this approach did not come into play and in 2016 the studio rejected the idea and restarted Diablo 4. If the rumor happened, then Diablo 4 evolved from 2016. Not only did Diablo 4 have an isometric perspective.

As I mentioned before, the revelation of Diablo Immortal was catastrophic. However, Blizzard still expects lucky fans to give a chance to Immoral.

According to leading designer Wyatt Cheng, fans who are skeptical about Diablo Immortal are good. He added that when the fans will play it for themselves, they will understand how good the game really is.

He noted that the reason behind the reaction was the fact that no one should play the game. He added that when players play Diablo Immortal, they will understand that this is an incredible game.

We hope to win a lot of people over time, but I understand that for people at home, those who watch the virtual ticket who have no chance to play it can be very difficult, and so fully understand where they come from.

However, all these aversion to fans could be avoided with the announcement of Diablo 4. The leaks and rumors not only show that Diablo 4 is evolving but also reveals the direction of Diablo 4.

According to the report, Diablo 4 is fully open and plays as an isometric MMO. In addition, the game has full player freedom. Freedom includes any search or activity the player wants to make. The game also includes PvP and features a brand new Game Engine.

  • The next game of Diablo will be a fully open world. All physical fluid in and like World of Warcraft / Fallout / Assassin's Creed Oddysey and others.
  • This is an extension, Inside there are two names that have jumped back and forth. Diablo 4 or Diablo: The World of the Sanctuary. Chances are most likely to stick to Diablo 4 for consistency.

However, given that this is just a rumor, grab it with grainy salt. But it's high time that Blizzard announces Diablo 4.

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