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Brooks Coege breaks the record with 36 holes

Brooks Copeka did what no other player in the 159-year history of the big championship golf did, with another round in the US PGA in New York.

Koepka fired a second round 65 to pass 12 under him, his 36-hole total of 128 of the lowest since the big championship began golf in 1860. The previous record of 130 was held by five players.

His 63-65 rounds left him with massive seven hits over the field, with major champions Yordan Spieet and Adam Scott the best of the other at five.

Scott ran in the 64th round, but flirted with 63 or even 62.father, when he missed a two-legged strike for a tie followed by a silent three-shot shot at 18, which forced him to scramble for a nominal value, paid every chance to score a low score of the Major.

Scott's fast was early glowing, making long-range birds in each of the first three holes.

"I found a lot of pussy early and that made me fit for a really good round," Scott said.

"Every time you shoot 64 in a master, you must be very happy, I had a great day."

But Scott faces a major challenge to add to his title at the US Masters in 2013, with Koepka seemingly in his own class.

The 29-year-old has earned three majors over the past two years and seems to have found a way to cope with the stress that comes with the competition of the biggest events in the game.

"That probably sounds bad, but today it was a battle," Copeka admitted. – I did not hit him so well. I ran a few to the right. But the way I hung up today and struggled with it, I think it's probably more impressive than yesterday – you will not have a game, but you'll still be able to make a big hit. "

With a huge advantage, you will be strongly depressed to find anyone who faces Copeka who has won his fourth game, but Scott still hopes to catch the American.

"If you can continue doing that for two more days, then you can not do much," Scott said.

"But I think somebody, I hope, will get away tomorrow … Yes, I know he has won three majors. I know he seems impenetrable at this moment, but at some point he has to think about it. "

This week Tiger Woods also made a story, but not the one he would be happy with. For the first time in his career he missed the cut of a major after winning his previous start.

Woods fired rounds of 72-73 to finish at five o'clock, one shot in front of the middle. Four bowls in five holes of nine nine left Woods in trouble, and pars from 15-16-17-18 meant he packed his bags early.

– I just did not. (But) I'm the Masters Champion at the age of 43 and that's a pretty good achievement, "said Woods.

"There is no reason I can not pick up again and bring it back. First I must feel a little better before it happens. First we will do this and then we'll start putting it back.

"I just did not move the way I had to. That's how it works. There will be days and weeks when it just will not work, and today it was one of those days.

The American Masters Champion is not the only big name to come back home, like John Ram, Sergio Garcia, Buba Watson, Bryson De Cambo and Patrick Reed also miss the meeting.

Besides Scott, the other Australians are at first glance indisputable with Jason Day (+3), Cameron Smith (+3) and Lucas Herbert (+4), and Mark Lishman (+8), Brendan Jones (+15), Stewart Dean (+18) and Craig Hoknull (+19) have a weekend.

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