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Console players can not beat the division's raid

More than 24 hours after it's released Section 2The raid has been cleared only by people who play the game on a computer. Xbox One and PS4 players have failed many times, leading to discussions that the attack is too difficult for console gamers.

The attack, called Operation Dark Hours, is in a fictional version of Washington's Reagan National Airport and causes eight players to fight from the entrance to the asphalt facing four big battles of the boss.

The first team to finish the raid did it a little over five hours after it started at 7:00 AEST on Friday. They played on a computer and in a few minutes later, other players followed. PS4 racing ratings remain empty. Today, when we were able to check the Xbox One charts at 5:00 AM AEST today, they were also empty.

"Can not play on the console," one Twitter person said in response official tweet this morning the attack was healed.

for subdivision of the game, where the player's disappointment has developed lines of threads, popular titles include: "Console gamers have received a roller for the attack?", "DEVS Petition for Full Console Assault!" This last is a reference to the praise in the game that is given to the team that first cleared the attack.

The raids must be challenging. They are meant to be some of the toughest tasks available in online play.

PC players also often have some technological advantages, including higher frame rates and more precise mouse and keyboard controls that can allow players, especially in shooter games such as fate or The Department, to strive faster and more accurately. This is one of the main issues that console players struggle with the Dark Hours operation.

"[T]the 60 frames per second raid is much different than the 30 frames per second raid, "one Reddit user writes, judging why raid is much harder on the console than the computer.

They noted that raiding meetings seem to rely on players to be able to quickly turn around and strive without resorting to cover-up, something much harder to do on consoles. They added that "the slow character of animations makes it difficult for a lot of time to mow many enemies."

At forums and social media console players say they have remained the first boss, an extremely heavy enemy called Boomer.

In the streets yesterday, game developers said the Boomer would be a test to ensure players had enough powerful hero options to go through the raid. Beyond that, they said, things would be a matter of tactical implementation rather than the need for a stronger character.

The Burmese meeting requires a single player to catch the boss's attention and toss him all over the room by walking around him to shoot his chest to stop him from automatically healing. The other players will try to lower it at the same time as they repel hordes of relatively weaker troops.

Later meetings require precise shooting of swarms of small drones in treacherous areas, where enemies rush on all sides. Players must be able to rotate and shoot accurately and quickly.

If Boomer is a power level check, he confirms that console players are in deep trouble. Redditor, named bf_pheno, announced today that their team needed 10 hours to defeat Boomer on PS4. This feat is considered unusual in the game community, where there is little if there is any discussion of how console players handle the next encounter.

A video of the ultimate triumphant experience of the bf_pheno team at Boomer begins with one member of the team ready to give up.

"I'll give him another three attempts and I'll finish."

"I'll give her a little more than that. We can do that. "

Finally, they do it.

In Reddit's comments, bf_pheno indicated that one of his colleagues was drunk and was thrown in favor of a better player, making things easier. – But they have to correct the difficulties for the imo consoles. The computer has a lot of advantages, "they added.

Later, they asked, "I can not wait to spend the whole day with the last boss :)") The PC team, who initially beat the raid three hours, had defeated the last boss of the raid, longer than the previous three.

It is unclear how much they have received in the raid, but the empty charts of the PS4 show that they have not completed it.

In an article on yesterday's fight for console players, writer Paul Tassy explained that the situation is aggravated by the fact that Section 2 does not allow players to reach a higher level than required for the attack:

The current maximum value of all content in Section 2 is 500 gearscore, the raid releases 500 gearscore gear. So there is no way to "exceed" it in time, you should rather focus on the min-maxing of your construction within 495-500 GS range, and the raid is clear the best and really only forward way is DPS, DPS, DPS, so it can be 498 like me but unless you stack + 30-50% weapon damage, AR damage and damage to the elite, you do not make enough damage to make significant progress even in the first part of the raid. Yesterday I watched string teams that have gone through some of the toughest things in each game, but it was such a check that they just had to quit, almost everyone at the first meeting.

A website called Destiny Raid Report that tracks the world records Fate 2 relay shows that once the game was on the computer and consoles, PC players always performed the first raids. Console players are lagging behind, but only for hours. In one instance, console players take one day longer than PC players to complete the first raid.

Massive game developers have not yet decided to deal with the console players publicly, and the game representative did not respond to Kotaku's comment request. There is a good chance that the weekend will provide players with more time to improve their attacking work and set more successful strategies, but if console players continue to fail, it is clear that something will have to be changed.

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