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Devastated Mom Calls to Regulate Protein Shakes After Daughter Dies 25 Years

Meegan's disorder has been fatal when combined with excessive protein intake (Picture: @ meeganheff / Instagram)

The heart-drawn mother, whose daughter of bodybuilding has died as a result of a diet of heavy protein, warns others of the potential danger of fitness supplements.

Megan Heford, 25, died in June 2017 after finding her crash on the floor of the bedroom.

She had no idea she was suffering from a rare disease of the urea cycle, which meant her body was unable to digest the protein properly.

But a mother of two had packed so much protein into her diet while practicing in the gym every day.

She also washed her food with protein shakes, which were known to contain small amounts of dangerous hidden chemicals.

Two days after she was taken to the hospital, she was declared dead, and the mumbled mother Michelle White farewell to her for the last time.

The young mother spent hours in the gym every day (Picture: @ meeganheff / Instagram)

Now she talks about her daughter's death and calls people to watch out for fitness supplements.

At first Michelle was proud that the teen's daughter was seriously concerned with her body care.

She got pregnant at the age of 18, but she still managed to find time to hit the gym after the birth of her firstborn daughter, Alexa.

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Michelle says she had no problem watching her granddaughter's maid give him time to work on herself.

But her love for exercise has become more of an obsession after the birth of her second child, Liam, "The Mirror."

She was given medication to deal with the debilitating postnatal depression she was experiencing, but made her put a weight on a stone.

Megan was determined to drop the pounds again and started pumping iron as much as possible.

By the time her family learned of her rare illness, Mage was too late (Picture: @ meeganheff / Instagram)

She reached the point where she would start panic if her mother and husband Michael were not free to take care of her children, and would ask her mother to cancel her plans.

Meegan began to strive for bodybuilding competitions and began a strict dietary regimen, red meat, chicken, egg white and sometimes steamed vegetables.

She will always wash her food with protein shakes, despite doctors' recommendations to increase her intake naturally through meals.

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Michelle said, "I thought it looked healthier than ever before, so I did not think twice about the diet.

"Everything seemed like a healthy meal because she ate much, but she avoided something sweet."

One day when he came to visit, Michelle noticed his daughter's hands, shivering while drinking another protein shake with fitness supplements.

Michelle offered to spend too much time in the gym, but it was never enough for Mageon to go on another session.

Megan felt exhausted by attending her mother a few days later, and advised her to take a day off from the gym to get her home.

Bodybuilder Mageon became obsessed with the image of his body (Picture: @ meeganheff / Instagram)

Two days later Michelle was summoned by paramedics, who told her that Megan was found to lie unconscious on the bedroom floor and buy two women who were inspecting herself.

Michelle said, "I was relieved when I thought she was just overworked, she was healthier than most. I tried not to panic.

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She cry uncontrollably when doctors officially announced her daughter officially for mental death three days later.

Michelle added, "We did not know her health obsession would kill her."

The following day the doctors advised the family that it was best to rule out the maintenance of life.

The family offered relief from the fact that the donated organs of Maegan continued to help save four lives.

She is declared brain dead due to the accumulation of ammonia reaching her brain (Picture: @ meeganheff / Instagram)

After some medical research, Michelle finds her and her granddaughter Alex have the same genetic disease.

But proper nutrition and medication can help to preserve the harmful effects of the urea cycle.

The unknown state of Magegen causes the accumulation of ammonia in her blood, as her body fails to absorb the protein properly, leaving harmful waste products in the system.

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She suffered from permanent damage to the brain after the toxins reached her brain.

The inherited condition is very rare, affecting only 1 in 8,000 people, and also leads to the accumulation of nitrogen in the bloodstream.

Soon after her daughter died, Michelle discovered a diet written by a personal trainer in her daughter's car.

She felt "angry and desperately sad" after she found protein supplements hidden in her kitchen cabinets in Perth, Australia.

Two years later, Michelle calls on the healthcare industry to regulate the sale of protein powder and supplements.

Her inheritance affects about 1 in 8,000 people (Picture: @ meeganheff / Instagram)

She urges people to check before major changes in food intake and says that only certified nutritionists should offer eating advice.

After Meegan's death, the Australian Department of Health has conducted a national body-building adventure investigation.

Dr David Kusak of the New South Wales Department of Food and Food said research on some products has found a chemical NADB that has "very similar structural chemistry with methamphetamine."

The ingredient is added to the list of prohibited substances contained in the workout supplements that include DMAA, DMHA and DMBA, which can sometimes cause high blood pressure, vomiting, cerebral haemorrhage and stroke.

Doctors generally recommend increasing the intake of protein through appropriate food.

Experts say you should carefully read the ingredients of shakes and other supplements and do your research before taking them.

Not everyone who picks them knows that they sometimes contain small amounts of chemicals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury and pesticides that are related to health problems, including cancer.

Mommy calls for reform to stop more deaths (Picture: @ meeganheff / Instagram)

Nutritionists also warned that calories in a portion of protein powder mixed with whole milk could be equivalent to Big Mac and would take about 2 hours of exercise to burn.

Having too much protein in your diet is related to heart disease, kidney damage and even weight gain

It is also known that protein supplements contain sweeteners, caffeine and sugar.

In the UK, illegal supplements, including some that claim to be "fat burning" or "slimming", are linked to a small number of deaths.

Although it is illegal to sell, there is evidence that they are still available to buy online, mainly from suppliers based outside the UK.

A product that is sold illegally but is still available online is 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP).

DNP is an industrial chemical that is not suitable for human consumption. It is highly toxic and causes significant side effects and has led to at least 3 reported deaths, according to the NHS.

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