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"Every Time You Have Sex, It's Your Mind": Tom Rosenthal About Turning Circumcision Into Comedy | scene

Jour nationalist label states that any sensitive issues are usually retained until the end of the interview. However, this does not apply when you are talking to a man who wrote a standup show about his penis – or rather, the piece from him that was stolen from him as a baby. Tom Rosenthal, the 31-year-old star of the sitcoms at Friday Night Dinner (for the inconvenience of a Jewish family) and Plebs (anachronisms and dicks in ancient Rome), greets me at his agent's office and interrupts the pursuit. "Ever since I found out what happened to me, I have never felt so certain that something was wrong." The honest tone signals that any jokes on the subject will be closed on stage. "I just don't think it's very funny."

Fortunately, the show is on. Humanity is following Rosenthal's gradual realization that he did not want to belong to a club to have a member as his member. First, there was the "little sleeve" that he noticed on the classmate's penis. Then came the horrifying circumcision video shown at his school when he was 12, which led to a confrontation at home. "I had a screaming match with my mother. He took me to a doctor who essentially nullified all my feelings. The truth is that my parents were burdened with my well-being and made me something that could never be repaired. "

This is some way of the hit show by Richard Herring's Talking Cock, which looked carefully at the male genitalia but continued to push the button downs. Although Rosenthal's set is hilarious, it is also outspoken, angry and often painful. The earlier version was "a little too similar to Ted Talk", with the balance at the heart of some formidable and extensive research. Only once did he begin to emphasize that there was skin in the game, so to speak, and to question the excuses for circumcision, he discovered the true power of the show.

In Manhood, nothing is out of bounds, whether it's the adverse effect of circumcision on Rosenthal's sexual performance or his relationship with his OCD. The details extend even to a discussion of his father's genitals. Yes, this is the penis of Jim Rosenthal, the sports presenter cited by the creators of Alan Partridge as the inspiration for their crutch and the blunt-prone Norfolk-based emitter. Rosenthal Jr. has already dug the area in his 2011 debut Child of Privileges, where he discusses his father's unsuccessful attempt to sue Heston Blumenthal for a food poisoning incident.

"My dad liked the idea of ​​taking a peak from him," he says. "Of course, discussing his penis is a little more intimate." One of the reasons Rosenthal was given for his own circumcision was that "the boy's penis should look like his father's." I assumed Rosenthal Sir was circumcised for religious reasons, but his son, who has a rather comical run because he was mistaken for a Jew, is straight for me. "The last suitable Jew in our family was four generations ago. My father was circumcised for medical reasons, which is another bloody rabbit hole because many of these cases are misdiagnosed. "

What is his father's attitude about this topic now? "He is very funny. And not the way I would want him to be. He will say, "Doesn't sex feel? My penis is fine! He takes care that I'm interested. But he is not interested in the reasons that interest me. "Rosenthal's parents will see the show in Edinburgh. "Dad said initially he didn't want to. He thought it was a rematch, "fuck it," and it was not. "

When I ask him if he can forgive his parents, he spits a meaningless "Ha!" And then shaves his forehead. "This is a really difficult question. I think they asked me that. I would forgive them everything. I'm grateful they were so open to me. "He is aware that as a white, middle-class, heterosexual man, he has nothing to complain about. The fact that circumcision is the defining horror of his life is," he shows how nice the rest of him was. But this is one of the main saddies of the whole thing and I hope to pass that every time you have sexual intercourse, it's in your mind. Which is obviously not optimal. "This even affects his choice of porn:" I prefer to look uncircumcised. penises because I like to see them work. "

The last thing he wants, however, is to make men who are satisfied with their own outfit feel damaged or protective. "The goal is to recognize that if this has happened to you and you feel good about it, that's great. But if you don't feel good, which I don't do, then you're justified. "It would be nice if the audience was laughing." Yes! Someone obsessed with his dick should be entertained, regardless of cultural outcry. "

Humanity is in Edinburgh Pleasance Two until August 25, then tour

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