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Fighting the disadvantages of Formula 1


The Walking Dead and other shows were also forced to pay benefits.
Jimmy Kimmel Live fines $ 395,000 for use of emergency alarm tones

The FCC has just demonstrated that it does not interfere with alarms. The agency fines Jimmy Kimmel Live $ 395,000 for using true tones during a skit that mocks President Trump for access to the system. AMC's Walking Dead was also fined $ 104,000 for using a warning signal during the Feb. 19 episode. In total, the FCC said it has awarded about $ 600,000 in civil penalties.

The FCC states that the use of such tones is forbidden outside emergencies, adding that this is a serious public safety concern. "These rules are intended to protect the integrity of the alert system by helping to avoid confusion when using tones, fatigue alerting listeners and falsely activating EAS from the operational data elements contained in the alert," he explained. she.

You will need to meet specific criteria to get a big payout.
Google Pixel owners can claim up to $ 500 for a class agreement

The Google Pixel microphone agreement is pretty much settled, and now it's time to file a claim – though how much you get. Google is offering up to $ 20 for every U.S. resident who purchased a Pixel or Pixel XL made before January 4, 2017 and has not received a replacement made after January 3 of that year (or repaired after June 5). This is true regardless of whether you have suffered from a microphone defect. However, to get more, you will need to make more efforts. You will get $ 350 if you can prove that you were hit by a microphone defect on one phone, or $ 500 if you dealt with the problem of multiple phones.

Powerful noise cancellation and more gives Sony better competition.
Bose 700 Headset Review: Pursuing Perfection

Bose is no longer at the top of the headphone noise cancellation race, but the 700 is an excellent option with powerful active noise cancellation. However, Billy Steele thinks Sony's WH-1000XM3 has better overall audio and maybe better noise cancellation – all for $ 100 less. The 700 isn't the best, but it's still pretty damn good.

Envy your friend's big Tesla display? Sony has the solution for you.
Sony's new receiver makes it easy to install a 9-inch display in your car

Just in time to take advantage of the significant Android Auto updates and upcoming CarPlay enhancements in iOS 13, Sony has announced an updated version of its car receiver with a floating touchscreen. The new 8.95-inch WVGA display is larger at the same time, requiring only one DIN mounting space, making it easier to mount a wider variety of vehicles. This new installation allows the display to tilt, as well as adjusting its height and depth. This allows Sony to add a large, spacious display to a car that would not normally have one. Compared to the competition for touchscreens for cars, at $ 600 it is also quite cheap.

There are too many devices and protocols.
Smart Homes is a broken mess and Nest wants to fix it

Rishi Chandra has a vision of what a smart home should look like in five years. As a leader for Google Nest products, this is his job. There are several devices that build this ecosystem, and that's the problem: it's not user-friendly. "There is not one thing I can put in my home, but just put it in the wall and be like, 'Oh, everything's smart now,'" Chandra said. Individual smart home companies sell bits and pieces of the puzzle, but all this fragmentation creates friction. And this is a delay for many of us.

Backwards compatibility and cross-gameplay are also on the agenda.
Microsoft's next-generation Xbox will prioritize high frame rates and fast loading

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has revealed more about what's being offered for the console, which Microsoft says will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X.

In an exclusive interview with Gamespot, Spencer said the sequence would be at the top of the agenda for the new console. He wants games to load fast and constantly at high frame rates. Crucially, backwards compatibility will play a major role in console design – which is great, but Microsoft's main challenge against competition on the PlayStation will remain a unique game line that players can't find anywhere else.

The changes are coming, but they may not be big enough for teams like Renault.
The disadvantages of Formula 1 are tackling the technical challenges of the sport

When Renault approached the French Grand Prix, many were betting. The race was on the home turf of the team, at a break or break point during the season. No one panicked. More. Although he won twice in 2018 with Red Bull, new driver Daniel Ricciardo knew what he was signing with Renault for. The team was ready: it went in with both engine and chassis changes.

But Paul Ricard's chain in Castellet in France was not the best test for Renault. The high-speed track, which rewards horsepower and aerodynamic power, was dominated by Mercedes, Ferraris and other high-end teams. By the time Hulkenberg finished in points, he (and almost all other teams) were literally thrown by Lewis Hamilton. After all, it was a boring race for the few fans in attendance, and another disappointment for Renault. Here's how the upcoming F1 team saw a promising season go so far.

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