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Ghana can become a malaria-free country – the first lady

General News from Thursday, April 25, 2019



First lady of malariaFirst Lady of Ghana, Rebecca Acufo-Ado believes malaria is a preventable disease

The first lady of Ghana, Ms. Rebecca Acufo-Ado, has urged stakeholders to prioritize and ensure a rational use of the resources available in the fight against malaria in Ghana.

According to her, "malaria is a preventable disease and we have evidence of proven tools that can change our story. A renewal and a strong commitment to combat it is needed "

The first lady made it known during the start of World Somali Day Malaria Day – Akutunya, a truck at Jillo Krobo City Bus Station on the subject "Zero Malaria Begins With Me".

"In July 2018, at the summit of the African Union, President Acufo-Ado said he was committed to supporting innovation, reducing the burden of malaria. Since this promise is known to the Ministry of Health, together with our partners, we have stepped up our efforts in the fight against malaria. The country has increased existing interventions and is about to pilot the vaccine for malaria, "she said.

She stressed that "I am very proud to have met the goal of reducing the mortality indicator, as promised by the president."

Despite these significant results, she revealed that "people still die from malaria and the disease continues to be the cause of outpatient care in our health care facilities," and expressed concern that Ghana is among the 10 African countries with a large burden of malaria in the world .

Looking ahead, the first lady was confident that "it is possible to achieve zero malaria. Globally, more countries are moving to zero local populations. In 2017, more countries reported less than 10,000 cases compared to 2016 and 2010. The number of countries with fewer than 100 local cases, which is a strong indicator that elimination is within the scope, is increased from 15 countries in 2010 to 24 countries in 2016 and 26 countries in 2017. "

"We can do it if we all work together and follow the guidelines established by the WHO and our national strategy," she said.

Describing the subject of "Zero Malaria Begins With Me" as a call to action, he said that it requires all of us to take advantage of existing malaria control interventions in the country.

The first lady, in cooperation with Infanta's Malaria Prevention Fund, has been struggling for 14 years to reduce and eradicate malaria, especially among children and mothers in Ghana.

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