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John Jarat drops the libel case against the Daily Telegraph


August 16, 2019 13:29:45

Wolf Creek actor John Jarat has denied a defamation action he launched against The Daily Telegraph's Siden.

Key points:

  • John Jarat was unanimously found guilty of rape last month
  • A woman he lived with in a private house in the 1970s claims he raped her
  • The requests were first published in The Daily Telegraph

The 66-year-old was excused for raping a 19-year-old woman in an actor house in eastern Sydney more than 40 years ago.

Last month, district court judges returned a unanimous guilty verdict.

The lawsuit against Nationwide News began in November last year, pending the outcome of the process.

After Yarrat was released, his senior lawyer Chris Murphy announced on Twitter that the Telegraph trial would continue.

"The civil action was filed pending a ruling on police charges," he said.

"The documents will now be served on the defendant."

But a spokesman for the Supreme Court of New South Wales confirmed that the actor filed a notice of termination last Friday.

The trial is due to begin in court on August 18.

Mr Jarat was indicted in August 2018 after the woman went to police at the end of 2017.

He insisted that the extramarital sex he had when he lived with his wife in a private home in 1976 was consensual.

He told the court that the woman had invited him to a bedroom and told him to be quiet so he would not wake his wife Rosa Miano.

He had told police he had first heard of the rape claim when he saw the front page story of a Sydney newspaper.

A jury acquitted the actor of rape on July 5.

Another defamation lawsuit against Nationwide News by actor Jeffrey Rush followed, with the media group ordering him to pay nearly $ 2.9 million for his defamation.

The Daily Telegraph publishes allegations that Mr Rush behaved inappropriately with a colleague while performing King Lear with the Sydney Theater Company.




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