Sunday , July 25 2021

Kawhi Leonard lives in the head of Ben Simmons, Shaq

Ben Simmons said this alone after having accumulated 11 turnovers in his first Kawhi Leonard meeting this season: "He's a freak."

With dinner hands and the distance between the wings, more suitable for a small plane, Leonard tortured the NBA top scorers for the season.

But he seems particularly pleased to demolish Simmons this season following this tumultuous first clash in October with two more master classes, while Aussie guards gathered 24 turnovers in three MVP meetings for the NBA finals in 2014.

There are legends from NBA Shakil O'Neill and Charles Barkley, who fear Simmons will be preparing for Philadelphia and Toronto to open their second round of NBA in Canada on Sunday.

"I was looking at two of these Toronto-Philadelphia games," said Barkley to TNT. "(Leonard) Ben Was Simmons was afraid to dribble."

"I guarantee that Ben Simmons is concerned about Kauchi Leonard," added NBA legend Shakil O'Neill. – He's in his head. If he does not overcome, they will lose. "

Toronto took the season season against Philly 3: 1, but Leonard and Kauley Laurie did not play in the 76-match match.

Leonard has never lost a match against Philadelphia after being 10-0 during his stay in San Antonio and 3-0 this season for Toronto.

"Ben Simmons is the key to this series," said Kenny Smith. "If he let Kawhi Leonard control him, they lose in five or six games. If he does not, there is a series.

Simons played one of the best basketball bouts in his career after the 76 players dropped Brooklyn Nets 4-1 in the first round and had an easy plan for their approach to Leonard. "Get ready, stay focused," Simmons said.

In the worse news for Philly, Raptors also has a great guy at Marc Gasol who gives the franchise center Joel Embiid more headaches than any player outside Boston's Al Horford.

Embiid had 37 points and 13 rebounds when the team met last but Gasol was still with Memphis.

Sixers and Raptors both dropped out of the playoffs before winning four games in a row; raptors against Orlando.

The two franchises have not met in the playoffs since Alan Iverson, currently a regular postseason in his courtroom and six, needed seven matches at the top of Vince Carter and Raptors in 2001.

The end of the Toronto hosts as the second seed in the East rises in large places – Sixers have lost 13 consecutive Scotiabank Arena matches since their last victory there on November 10, 2012.

"They will really fight," Australian basketball legend Shane Hill said.

The 76ers coach Brett Brown, however, believes that his team has not faced Raptors with Tobias Harris as his team this season.

"We all understand what mathematics says about our success in Toronto, and that's not flattering. But that is not the team we have, "said coach Brett Brown. "And that's why you can admit it or discredit it. I discredit it. I think we have a new band. We have a new opportunity. "

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