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Mark Jenkins is locked up for the murder of Mark Dower

A guy from Wollongong who killed a retiree and dropped his body out of a window on the second floor in a surfing suit and then planned to kill a witness with an overdose of heroin was sentenced to 19 years in prison for 14 years,

47-year-old Mark Kenneth Jenkins was found guilty of manslaughter in June after he had committed at least two violent attacks on 56-year-old Mark Dower in a Mangertone apartment block in 2015.

Jenkin, who hit the man so hard he was found in his stomach, did not admit himself guilty of murder and murder plot a month ago.

Justice Peter Hamil said the crimes are "extremely serious" and "necessarily attract significant prison sentences."

He said that Jenkins' risk for a future violent crime is "significant," based on his criminal history.

He describes Jenkins as a "very short guard" and "wild temper" by noting the video he has taken from the victim of his phone called "dirty King" and saying, "I will kill you during the attacks.

"I was not convinced that Jenkins intended to kill or injure him," Hamil told the court.

"However, I found that the deliberate unlawful assault by Jenkins on March 22-28 had contributed significantly to Mr Dower's death and that he was guilty of murder.

"His behavior shows a remarkable lack of remorse and empathy.

The judge took note that Jenkin would be "fairly middle-aged" before he had the right to seek conditional release.

According to him, Jenkinson's attitude to Mr Dower's body, which remained in his bathtub at least two days before he was thrown away, showed his "indifference to his dignity."

In a statement, Mr. Dower's daughter, who was not in the verdict, described her father as "her hero" and said she wanted to "spend another day with him."

"She wants to laugh with him and hug him again. She is lost with pain and infinite grief, "the judge said on the basis of a woman's statement. She described her father as "the best man on the planet."

"I hope the pain will leave, even though I do not know it will do," Justice Hamil said.

During the trial in the Supreme Court in May last year, the court heard Mr Dower, who had been assaulted several times before he died of "murderous violence," the prosecutor said.

The court understood that after Mr Dower had died, his body was placed in a zipper surf bag before being thrown out of a two-story terrace and hidden behind a number of surf boards in the general laundry of an apartment complex.

Prior to Mr Dower's death, he spent a considerable amount of time in Finland where he taught as an English teacher.

After the death of his Finnish wife and father, Mr. Dower decided to return to Australia, where his mental health began to deteriorate.

The court heard Mr. Dower every day drinking wine from a barrel and by March 2015 he no longer had a permanent address and often stayed in a residential complex in the Mangorton neighborhood in Wollongong.

This is the case when the 56-year-old Mr. Dower meets Jenkine and they become acquainted.

Prosecution claims that Jenkins was known for making friends with people to gain access to their bank accounts or savings.

Due to the considerable time spent teaching English in Finland, Mr. Dower was able to receive retirement payments from there as well as his Australian super.

Prosecutors say that Jenkin had previously robbed and intimidated Mr Dower before his death and that several witnesses had noticed that he had been "physically abused for several days" before he died.

The Crown Prosecutor said there were several witnesses who remembered seeing Mr Dower in an even worse state while he was in the friend's apartment.

The court heard the woman who owned the apartment where she was housed and told the detectives that she had regularly seen Jenkins threaten and attack Mr. Dow.

The Crown also said it would feature clips found on Jenkins' cell phone as evidence.

The court heard that a video showed that Mr. Dower in the bathtub seemed visibly disoriented, with pants and faeces on his back.

There was an injury to his head, and the right side of his face was swollen.

Jenkins could be heard in a video that abused Mr. Dow and told another man: "First he threw it in and killed him."

The Crown Prosecutor also said that he had a witness who had heard Jenkins say he had hit Mr. Dowar so hard that he "had revealed his brain".

The court heard another video allegedly showing that Jenkin had hit Mr. Dowre so heavily that three of his teeth were cut off.

After a post-mortem autopsy, Mr. Dow has had a tooth in his stomach when he died.

The doctor concluded that the tooth was there before he died.

Mr. Dower had brain bleeding, rib fractures, a broken upper jaw, and a "heavy trauma" to his mouth before he died.

It was on April 16, 2015, just before midnight, when the police found Mr Dower's poorly decomposed body in the common laundry at the Mangerton Residential Commission.

"The state of this body indicates that the person has been dead for some time," Crown's prosecutor said.

The police quickly understood the location of the body after they opened the lock in the laundry room and smelled of a "strong, nasty smell".

A number of residents have also complained about the smell of laundry.

Initially, the police were notified of the body through an anonymous message of criminals.

Jenkin was already detained on an unrelated issue when he was accused of killing Mr. Dower in November 2015.

The court understood that while Jenkin was in jail, he told his brother to find out who had told the police.

In the end, they both claimed that the man who called criminals was known to Jenkins, who helped him move the body "out of fear."

She had caught Mr. Dower's pulse in the bathtub, but found she was "unresponsive and cold," listening to the court.

Then Jenkin and the woman put it in the surf bag before putting it on the balcony and hiding it behind a number of other boards in the washing machine.

While both Jenkins and his brother claimed who was behind the withdrawal, the police investigated the murder of Mr. Dower at the same time, and he had listened to several phones that he thought he could call in jail.

The court understood that at the end of 2015 Jenkins had used a smuggling mobile phone, a device that was banned in prison, to get a plan with her brother for the woman she had told the police.

The court heard that Jenkins told his brother to give her a "hot shot of heroin" – something that would make her stop and die.

Jenkin told his grandmother that the woman had already used drugs so "it would not look so unusual."

After the telephone conversations, the woman, one of Crown's key witnesses, was protected by witnesses, and Jenkins was accused of plotting to murder.

He also did not plead guilty to the charge last year.

In August 2015, while Jenkins was in jail, he was recorded by phone, "About 10 minutes later, the woman died (the woman) shaken."

The Crown says there are a number of witnesses who could testify that Jenkins' brother was actively trying to buy heroin, even though he was not known for drug use.

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