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Mega-leak reveals complete S10, S10 + and S10e specifications

NOW WE ARE NOW since the launch of the Galaxy S10, which will likely be Samsung's most interesting offering of smartphones.

According to online noises, Samsung's 10-year smartphone line will consist of Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e. Higher spec models may, according to rumors, be the first to accept Samsung's Infinity-O display, a built-in fingerprint scanner and a three-camera camera, while the so-called "budget" model will offer buyers an affordable opportunity first time.

We have so far surrounded everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10 and will update this article as we hear more.

Exit Date
Samsung Announces Unpacking Event for February 20 (Below), where they are expected to showcase the Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10 Lite.

After its introduction, the Galaxy S10 will be available for a pre-order immediately before it's on sale on March 8th.

According to a report in GizmodoThe so-called "budget" of the Galaxy S10 will offer 128GB storage and retail for £ 699, the ordinary S10 will offer 128GB or 512GB storage for £ 799 and £ 999, respectively, and the S10 Plus will offer 128GB, 512GB and 1TB options at £ 899, £ 1 999 and a decent price of £ 1399.

Latest news
We hope you are not one of the surprises, as the full features of the Galaxy S10 have gone a few days before its official introduction. Mega-leak comes from courtesy GSMArena, which received information from a source in Samsung's "retail channel," and confirmed that the S10 will include a 4K camcorder, super slow-video support and the Samsung's Exynos 9820chipsett.

If legitimate, leaked specifications also confirm that the S10, S10 + and S10e will fit 6.1 inches, 6.3 inch and 5.8 inch QHD + screens, all of which will receive a "hole hole" and 3,400mAh, 4,100mAh and 3,100mAh batteries. It also reveals that the S10 and S10 + will have built-in fingerprints scanners, while the S10e will have a sensor mounted sideways.

02.11.19: The Samsung Galaxy S10 + Limited Edition with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of memory will be available on March 15, according to a Samsung Philippines pre-release page. Other S10 models, including S10e at affordable prices and modest S10 +, are expected to become available on March 8th.

08.02.19: The Galaxy S10 looks like it will be delivered with wireless headphones called the Galaxy Buds, according to the legal image shared by WinFutureThe picture shows that Apple AirPod seems to be sitting in a case that is on the back of the Galaxy S10 +, but it only confirms the backing of the phone for the reverse wireless charge. The leak does not tell us much about the buds, but it is expected to cost 149 euros (about 130 pounds).

06.02.19: New leak thanks to Eval Blass (Below) rebukes the backside of the "pearl white" Galaxy S10. In addition to confirming the snow color option, leakage also shows the backward-looking camera, which appears to include three lenses combined with a flash.

2.5.19: The Galaxy S10 may be one of the first WiFi 6 support devices, according to FCC pilots noted by Droid-Life, It still confirms that the Samsung smartphone will be used for the WiFi 6-ready Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and will mean the S10, S10 + and S10e will offer support for a faster and more efficient WiFi connection. However, you will need a WiFi 6 router to take advantage of this.

02.04.19: Just two weeks before the official launch of the Galaxy S10, a big leak revealed the full features and details of the price.

The leak coming from a Twitter user @ ishanagarwal24 and MySmartPriceHe says the S10 will consist of Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 +, the latest one capable of packing solid 12GB of RAM and 1TB of memory. This configuration will still cost you, with a cost of € 1,499.

According to leakage, the S10 will be available in 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 512GB configurations, priced at € 899 and € 1149, respectively. The S10e, long-called S10 lite, will pack 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and will cost € 749 depending on leakage .

Line color options are also missing; The S10e will be available in yellow, black, green and white (with a blue version starting later), S10 and S10 + in black, green, white and blue. It is believed that the expensive option of 12GB + 1TB will be available in "Ceramic Black" and "Ceramic White" variants.

1.2.19: The officially-looking Galaxy S10 + preview left a bit of imagination, confirming the elongated opening of the hole and the triple-objective rear camera. The image (Below), via 91Mobiles of "trusted source" also does not show a sign of a physical fingerprint sensor, but even more concrete evidence that the phone will accept a display sensor.

31/1/19: The 5G version of the Galaxy S10 will not be ready to send the launch, a Korean website The Investor reports.

One supplier told the company that the mass production of the Galaxy S10 began on January 25th, but this includes only 4G models rather than those that work on 5G networks. Instead, the report says, the production of the 5G Galaxy S10 will begin "later in the first half of 2019".

The report also shows that all S10 models will have a built-in fingerprint sensor – revealing previous assumptions that the cheaper "S10 Lite" will have a sensor mounted sideways.

"All three S10 smartphones will have a fingerprint sensor below the screen that allows users to identify themselves more conveniently than before," the source said.

The report supports early rumors that the S10 series will include three-dimensional cameras, pre-installed screen protectors, and up to 1TB of storage.

29/1/19: Samsung has long been accused of copying Apple, but now it seems that it has turned its attention to Huawei with plans to equip the Galaxy S10 with a reverse wireless charge. Keeping an earlier forecast from serial fighter Evan Blas, TechTastic He reports that all four S10 models will offer a feature called "Powershare" that will allow users to charge other devices through a direct connection to the smartphone.

23/1/19: Italian website Android Tutto revealed price information for Samsung's incoming Galaxy S10. According to the website, the lowest model – the Galaxy S10E – will be sold for 779 euros (680 pounds) and will be available in one version with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

The regular S10 will bring € 929 (£ 810) for the 6GB / 128GB model and € 1179 (£ 1030) for the 8GB / 512GB version. The same storage configurations for S10 + will cost 1049 euros (920 pounds) and 1299 euros (1135 pounds) respectively.

The top-of-the-line S10 Samsung S10 Plus with 12GB RAM and 1TB storage will cost € 1599 (£ 1400).

This is almost perfect with the earlier leak from Gizmodo UK, claiming that the S10E will cost £ 699, S10 from £ 799 to £ 990 and S10 + from £ 899 to the $ 1399 portfolio.

22/1/19: Just a few weeks before Samsung's official launch, the Galaxy S10's line-up expires. Serial Type Evan Blas published an image of the trio smartphone (Below, which claims to be officially known as the Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10E – the latter is probably a reference to the long-awaited Samsung Lite mode.

The official image, which shows cases by the Speck manufacturer, confirms that the Infinity-O displays are S10 and S10E with one hole and the S10 Plus is a larger, longer cutout. its double front cameras.

21/1/19: We have already seen that S10 + feeds Snapdragon on Geekbench (Below), and now the Samsung Galaxy S10, associated with the British Exynos, has appeared.

The phone in question works with Samsung's own Exynos 9820 SoC along with 6GB RAM, and this is a similar story before. As it outpaced the Snapdragon 855 with 4382 compared to 3413, both do not meet the single-core performance of the A12 Bionic-powered iPhone XS line, which accrues a score of 4797.

As for multi-core performance, the Galaxy S10 scored 9,570 as it lagged behind Huawei's Kirin-based series 20.

17/1/19: We're still more than a month away from Samsung's unpacked event, but the outgoing Galaxy S10 + is already depicted in the wild. The image (Below), shared on Reddit, confirms that this S10 will have a dual self-contained camera that will be trapped in the elongated hole in the top right corner of the display.

The spy shot, allegedly made on the bus from / to Suwon's Samsung campus, claims that the pre-production device also has a fingerprint scanner and a smaller footprint of Galaxy Note 9 of a similar size .

01.06.19: The Galaxy S10 + made Geekbench prematurely before opening on February 20th. The device, which features the SM-G975U, will connect the Snapdragon 855 SoC with 6GB of RAM, according to the announcement, which contradicts the earlier rumors that the smartphone can be supplied with 10GB or 12GB of RAM. Or, it may be that only the lowest spec base model has received early testing.

The alleged Galaxy S10 Plus has achieved a single-digit result of 3,413, which is slightly less than the Samsung Samsung Exynos 9810 and the multi-core estimate of 10,256, which surpasses the Huawei Kirin 980 processor. However, the tested phone is probably a unit with non-final testing, so we will not read too much in these numbers.

15/1/19: The Galaxy S10 X will be Samsung 's first 5G smartphone, according to ET NewsAs well as support for 5G connectivity, the report says the 10-year-old phone will supply a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, six cameras, 1TB internal memory and one huge 5,000mAh battery.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 X's "secret weapon" will be the "lifestyle" mode, according to ET News, an AI management system for automating various features.

It is reported that the Galaxy S10 X will make its debut in Korea on March 29 and can bring up to 1,299 pounds. It is unclear whether this model will be released in the UK.

14/1/19: The latest leak of the Galaxy S10 comes from the courtesy of Samsung, who accidentally shared images (Below) of the Galaxy S10 in an article about its new One UI. Spotted by user qgtx on Reddit, the article that has since been updated, initially showed a camera phone with a perforation in the upper right corner, a feature that debuted on the incoming Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

01/10/19: Samsung has interrupted CES to announce an unpacked launch event for February 20, where it is expected to release the Galaxy S10. The company will miss the MWC and will hold events both in London and San Francisco instead, while staying firm on what we can expect, but promising to show "devices that will" bring new experiences to the Galaxy based 10 years of innovation ".

01.09.19: UK mobile operator EE has confirmed that it will soon be offering the Galaxy S10, opening pre-registration for the smartphone, which is expected to be announced on MWC next month. On its website, the company is annoyed: "Big news The new Samsung Galaxy is about to change your world We can not say much more, but it's safe to say you can start excitement."

01.07.19: Samsung has confirmed that the first 5G smartphone will appear in the first half of 2019 at the CES press conference on Monday, possibly supportive of the 5G version of the Galaxy S10. No more details were revealed, but US operator Sprint also confirmed that it will offer a 5G-compatible Samsung device later this year.

01.04.19: The Galaxy S10 will follow Huawei Mate 20 Pro by offering back-up support for wireless charging. That's what even the famous tipster Even Blass says, saying Samsung's incoming flagship will allow users to "wirelessly charge other compatible devices such as mobile phones and watches" by placing them on the phone chassis.

Blass also shared an image of the Galaxy S10 (above), and although the blurred image does not show us much, it confirms the front door without the Infinity-O display headset.

03.01.19: The Samsung Galaxy S10 + can give a note 9 for its money in terms of screen size, according to a new video shared by Ice Universe.

The video shows allegedly S10 +, Note 9 and Oppo Find X, pressed into a box designed for Samsung's incoming flagship. While Note 9 is significantly larger, S10 + is expected to offer the same 6.4-inch screen, surrounded by smaller frames. Find X fits in this case, suggesting that the S10 + dimensions will be similar to 6.2in ​​S9 +.

The video does not tell us many other things we no longer know about the Samsung flagship for 2019, but it looks like Bur will confirm that it will retain a 3.5mm headphone jack.

01.02.19: The so-called Galaxy S10 Lite is featured with a high-quality render, courtesy of the Tipster Ice Universe (Below).

The leakage confirms that the phone, which is expected to be the cheapest in the S10 range, will have a non-brush display complete with a small incision for the front camera, using the Samsung Infinity-O display, the image also reveals, that the S10 Lite volume rocker is located on the left edge of the device, and the USB Type-C port is at the bottom, along with the speaker grille and a 3.5mm audio jack.

21/12/18: English mobile retailer Mobile Fun has begun to paint Samsung's S10 series, which it says will consist of S10 Lite, S10 Plus and S10 Edge, and the company is set to revive the "Edge" monitor that is not used by the S8 galaxy .

The vendor also claims that all S10 phones will be shipped with a security screen installed as standard and says headphones will be available in a range of colors, including Berry Pink, Yellow and Green.

19/12/18: The Galaxy S10 may have just suffered its first outbreak in the wild, supposedly seen in the South Korean subway. The device was noticed by Twitter user inss0317 and was first reported by Google WCCFtech, which confirms that the leaked image (Below) shows S10 with only the upper and lower frames and the built-in camera in the top right corner.

17/12/18: UK MobileFun prematurely introduced its range of accessories to the Galaxy S10, adding weight to the rumors that the flagship can offer a three-lens camera setup. The cases (Below) produced by Olixar show that the S10 will look somewhat similar to his husband Note 9 with its bulky size and horizontal camera. However, they also appear to showcase an additional camera lens, adding confidence to the recent leaks that have indicated a standard / wide / telecamera for the Galaxy S10.

14/12/18: The latest Android beta adds weight to rumors that the Galaxy S10 boasts an ultra-wide camera. As reported by SamMobile, Beta includes a switch in the camera settings that will see super-wide images kept without distortion. However, the report notes that this feature for lens adjustment can only be for A7 (2018) and A9 (2018), and Samsung has not commented yet.

12.12.18: Gizmodo, citing a source in a "major technology retailer," revealed Samsung's plans for the Galaxy S10.

Three models – the standard S10, the Plus model and the cheaper "flat" model – will be launched earlier than the Mobile World Congress next year at the Unpacked event on February 20, according to the report. The phone will be available from this date and will be available on March 8th.

Gizmodo also has skinny know how much the device will cost; the so-called "budget" model will offer 12GB storage and retail for £ 699, the regular S10 will offer 128GB or 512GB storage for £ 799 and £ 999, respectively, and the S10 Plus will offer 128GB, 512GB and 1TB options at £ 899, £ 1,999 and the only £ 1399.

There is not much information about the 5G version, but Gizmodo notes that 5G services will not be available for S10 when marketed, as the source says they will not arrive at "Late Q2 at the earliest."

10.12.18: It is supposed that the Galaxy S10 Plus prototype has emerged offline, suggesting it can accept angular scissors. Published by SlashLeaks (below), the image implies that instead of the 20-esque black view, the flagship can take a toothed slit in the top right corner to accommodate what looks like a dual camera setting.

However, Evlax does not agree with publishing weekend photos featuring three Galaxy S10 models with centrally positioned holes cuts.

05.12.18: Mega-leak courtesy of 91Mobiles and OnLeaks gave us a complete run out of the Galaxy S10 Plus. The flagship renders expired near the screen without the screen, setting the quad camera and shutting down Samsung's front camera, which seems to put two front-facing cameras to facilitate sophisticated face recognition technology.

91Mobiles also confirms that the S10 Plus will provide a 6.4-inch AMOLED dual-bent edge display, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner similar to OnePlus 6T and a 3.5mm headphone jack along with its USB-C port. The device will be measured at 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8 mm, depending on the leak, but will have a saturation of up to 9 mm thanks to the convex rear chamber setting.

At least one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 variants may have 12GB of RAM.

This is according to a Hong Kong report GF Securities, Who claims that Samsung's incoming flagship will be the first to boot 12GB of RAM; more than 10GB of RAM to fill in the McLaren Edition OnePlus 6T.

The same report states that Samsung will increase internal memory to 1TB; the type of specs you will normally find on a high-end laptop.

GF Securities tells us not many other things we no longer know, but notes that the Galaxy S10 will be available in white, black, yellow and green versions, some of which will be a Huawei-a-like gradient.

30/11/18: The Galaxy S10 + has been spotted on AnTuTu by packing the recently announced Samsung Exynos 9820 processor.

Представен по-рано този месец, следващото поколение на Samsung Exynos SoC е първото, което идва с двигател за обработка на невронни процеси (NPU), което означава, че AI-ориентираните задачи могат да се изпълняват върху самия чип. Фирмата също се похвали, че процесорът ще предложи 20% повишаване на производителността на едноядрената система в сравнение с предшественика си и 40% подобрение на енергийната ефективност.

По онова време Samsung не каза, че първо ще видим Exyos 9820 в дивата природа, но нов резултат от AnTuTu предполага, че ще направи своя дебют в Galaxy S10.

Бенчмаркът, споделен от Ice Universe (По-долу), се твърди, че за Exynos-захранва версия на Galaxy S10 + kitted-изложени с 6GB RAM, 128GB на съхранение. Устройството вкара репутация 325,076 на платформата за бенчмаркинг, с което се превъзхождаше резултатът от Huawei P20 Pro от 273,295, но не успя да се сравнява с iPhone XS, който се класира на класацията на AnTuTu с резултат от 352,405.

Galaxy S10 + вероятно ще стартира и с чип на Snapdragon 855 на Qualcomm на някои пазари и този вариант може да свали флагмана на Apple. На AnTuTu е забелязано устройство с флагман SoC от следващо поколение с резултат 362,292.

23/11/18: Галактиката S10 може напълно да премахне безелите и няма да приеме нищо на iPhone-стил, ако се вярва на протектора на екрана.

Протектора на екрана бе пропуснат във видеоклип, споделен от Ice Universe (По-долу), и ако е легитимна, показва, че рамката на Samsung Galaxy S10 е почти несъществуваща.

Той няма да приеме изключване на екрана като повечето от новите флагмани на Android, и въпреки последните слухове, че S10 ще бъде сред първите, които разполагат с фотоапарат за самопробиване на дупките – приемайки наскоро технологията на дисплея на Infinity O от Samsung – Няма никакъв знак за отвор на камерата в последното изтичане.

21/11/18: Samsung подготвя вариант на Galaxy S10 с 5G поддръжка и шест камери, според Wall Street Journal,

Вестникът, цитирайки "хора, запознати с въпроса", съобщава, че Samsung планира да пусне четири варианта на Galaxy S10, включително 6,7-инчов модел – кодово име Beyond X – който ще поддържа 5G и ще пакетира шест камери; две отпред и четири зад гърба.

Добавяне на тежест към слуховете за откриване на MWC, WSJ отбелязва, че Samsung ще представи този модел в средата на февруари, но отбелязва, че неговото освобождаване ще зависи от наличието на 5G мрежи. Не е ясно дали моделът на телефона ще стигне до Blighty; Докладът отбелязва, че Samsung води преговори с AT&T, T-Mobile и южнокорейските мрежи.

Другите три Galaxy S10 модела няма да са толкова смешни, като WSJ съобщава, че ще предлагат екрани между 5in и 5.4in и ще предлага между три и пет камери. Въпреки това, мобилните телефони могат да добавят функция за обратен безжичен заряд, която ще позволи на мобилните телефони безжично да сочат други устройства, подобни на Huawei's Mate 20 Pro,

WSJ също така има информация за елементарно замаскирания смартфон на Galaxy F, който твърди, че може да стартира като "Galaxy Flex".

13/11/18: Входящите Samsung Galaxy S10 ще включва както вграден в дисплея фотоапарат за самоснимане и скенер за пръстови отпечатъци.

Поне това е според известния типстър Еван Блас, който е туитирал във вторник (По-долу, че Galaxy S10 ще бъде първият, който ще представи камера за самоснимачката с дупка, като прие наскоро технологията на дисплея на Samsung Infinity O.

Вместо спорен прорез, този дисплей ще включва малка дупка в горния ляв ъгъл, в която е разположена предната камера.

Ако последните прогнози на Blass са на парите, Galaxy S10 също ще бъде първият флагман на Samsung, който ще разполага със скенер за пръстови отпечатъци. Това ще бъде ултразвуков сензор, подобен на този на OnePlus 6T и Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

В другата част на туитовете се добавя тежест на по-ранните слухове, че S10 ще разполага с настройка на тройната камера отзад, а новият "One" интерфейс на Samsung се предлага на върха на Android Pie.

Samsung Galaxy S10, който според съобщенията ще включва стандартни, плюс големи и бюджетни модели, се очаква да направи своя дебют на MWC през следващата година, с 5G модел, който ще последва през март.

27/10/18: Samsung ще пусне три модели Galaxy S10 през следващата година, според доклад на Bloomberg,

Поддържане на по-ранни прогнози от анализатор Минг-Чи Куо, BloombergИзточниците казват, че Galaxy S10 и S10 Plus ще опаковат извит OLED екран с "почти без рамка" и вграден сензор за пръстови отпечатъци. Няма да има нищо, твърди докладът, като предната камера е видима и затворена под екрана.

Зад гърба, моделите S10 ще опаковат Huawei-конкурираща се тройна камера, а на дъното няма да има 3.5мм жак за слушалки.

Samsung също планира "по-евтин" вариант на S10, според BloombergИзточници, които няма да се похвалят със заобления "ръб" екран, който е отличителен белег на телефоните на Samsung от Galaxy Note Edge през 2014 г. Въпреки това, той може да идва със сензор за пръстови отпечатъци "в зависимост от разходите", източници добавят.

И подкрепяйки последните слухове от Корея, докладът твърди, че Galaxy S10 ще бъде първият смартфон на Samsung с 5G. Според съобщенията фирмата разговаря с Verizon за пускане на 5G версия на Galaxy S10 в САЩ, въпреки че не е ясно, че моделът ще се предлага тук в Blighty.

Mostly, Bloomberg Докладът също така разпръсква зърната на сгъваемия смартфон на Samsung с кодирано име "Winner". Въпреки спекулациите, че устройството може да стартира на конференцията за разработчици на Samsung от следващия месец, фирмата все още решава дали устройството ще се сгъне вертикално или хоризонтално.

Устройството, което ще се появи като Galaxy X, няма да включва вграден скенер за пръстови отпечатъци поради "технически трудности", но ще предложи на потребителите допълнителен 4-инчов дисплей, който може да се използва, когато телефонът е затворен.

Samsung, естествено, не отбеляза слуховете, вместо това казва в изявление: "Ние непрекъснато развиваме нашето портфолио от смартфони, за да предоставим на нашите клиенти нови и вълнуващи нововъведения и опит. споделяйте за бъдещи устройства.

10.12.18: Галактиката S10 може да е последният флагман на Samsung, който запазва 3.5мм жак за слушалки.

Така казва ET News, който съобщава, че докато Galaxy S10 вероятно ще запази пристанището, Samsung планира да премахне жака за слушалки на Galaxy Note 10 или Galaxy S11. Вместо това, компанията ще разчита на комбинация от USC Type-C порт на телефона и пакет от слушалки, според доклада.

ET News не казва защо Samsung би искал да се отърве от жака за слушалки, но смята, че подобно на други производители, компанията просто иска да спести място за други части.

03/10/18: Новият доклад подробно описва настройката на тройната камера, която Samsung ще вкара в Galaxy S10.

Според доклада, виден от SamMobileGalaxy S10 ще има същата 12MP f1.5 / 2.4 обектив с променлива апертура като Galaxy S10, заедно с "супер широкоъгълен" обектив 16MP f / 1.9 с 123-градусово поле на видимост и 13MP f2.4 бленда сензор.

Докладът отбелязва, че широкоъгълният обектив няма да включва оптична стабилизация на изображението и автофокус.

Тази настройка на тройната камера изглежда, че ще се появи на най-високоспециализирания Galaxy S10 модел, според SamMobile. Един "достъпен" модел ще включва обектив с един фотоапарат, а стандартният Galaxy S10 ще се похвали с настройка с две камери.

24/8/18: Появата на Samsung е намекнала, че ще пусне четири различни версии на Galaxy S10.

Според XML файлове, скрити вътре в Android 9.0 на фирмата, са забелязани XDA-Developersчетирите устройства са с кодово наименование „над 0“, „над 1“, „над 2“ и „над 2 5G“.

Това увеличава тежестта на последните слухове, че Samsung планира да пусне 5G вариант на S10. Според онлайн шумове този модел ще събере почти същите характеристики като Galaxy S10 Plus (или „над 2“), но ще включва допълнителни сензори за улесняване на 5G комуникациите.

Докато течът не ни казва много за устройствата, XDA отбелязва, че всичките четири телефона вероятно ще стартират със следващото поколение силиций от Samsung или Qualcomm (Exynos 9820 или Snapdragon 8150), докато 5G моделът вероятно ще опакова Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 или собствен Exynos 5100 модем на Samsung.

17/9/18: Galaxy S10 може да опакова дисплей с пропорции 19: 9, според изтичащите бенчмаркове.

HTML5test инструментът за бенчмаркинг публикува резултатите от SM-G405F, работещ с Android 9.0 Pie. Докато не е потвърдено, че този номер на модела е свързан с Galaxy S10, SamMobile съобщава, че бенчмаркът представя резолюция от 412 x 869 пиксела, по-висока от 412 x 846 пиксела, изброени за Galaxy S9, което предполага, че мистериозното устройство ще се присъедини към водещата серия на Samsung S-Series.

Макар че листингите не ни казват много други неща, тези цифри предполагат, че Galaxy S10 може да опакова по-висок, 19: 9 дисплей, за разлика от съотношението 18: 5.9 на Galaxy S9. Това е подкрепено от последните слухове, че флагманът ще се похвали със значително намалени рамки в сравнение с предшественика си.

Тези пропуснати бенчмаркове идват горещо от DJ Koh, главен изпълнителен директор на мобилния бизнес на Samsung, потвърждавайки, че промените в дизайна на Galaxy S10 ще бъдат "много значими".

Говорейки пред китайските медии, Кох предложи 10-годишният смартфон на компанията да бъде повече от постепенно обновяване – тъй като S9 беше към S8 – добавянето на S10 ще се предлага в "невероятни" нови цветове.

09.10.18: Galaxy S10 ще бъде "най-скъпият" смартфон на Samsung, благодарение на добавената технология 5G.

Така казва корейският уебсайт Звънецът, която съобщава, че Samsung ще пусне 5G версия на Galaxy S10, която може да направи iPhone XS евтин. Докладът отбелязва, че моделът, който ще има същите характеристики като S10 Plus, ще изисква "четири до пет повече антени" от сегашните 4G телефони, преди да заключи, че "цената на серията може да бъде най-скъпа".

Освен добавените 5G модули и high-end цена-тагове, Звънецът Докладът е, че моделът S10 ще има 6.44 инчов дисплей и ще бъде – заедно с S10 Plus – първият смартфон от S-серията, който ще бъде снабден с двойна камера отпред и тройна камера отзад.

Съставът на S10, който ще бъде разкрит на CES следващата година, може да бъде пуснат "преди и след 5 март, когато местните мобилни оператори стартират 5G услуга", се посочва в доклада.

28/8/18: Samsung ще оборудва и трите Galaxy S10 модела с датчик за пръстови отпечатъци, според доклад на Инвеститорът,

Докато по-ранни доклади предполагаха, че моделът S10 на първо ниво ще пропусне скенера, сега се съобщава, че и трите модела ще разполагат с технологията на екрана.

According to ИнвеститорътДвата модела от висок клас ще имат ултразвуков сензор за пръстови отпечатъци на основата на дисплея, докато моделът от първо ниво ще получи оптичен сензор за пръстови отпечатъци.

"Двата модела от висок клас Galaxy S ще бъдат снабдени с ултразвуков скенер за пръстови отпечатъци на екрана, а другият ще разполага с оптичен сензор за пръстови отпечатъци под екрана", заяви служител от индустрията на дисплея.

Ултразвуковият сензор, който вероятно ще бъде доставен от Qualcomm, ще създаде 3D картографиран пръстов отпечатък за сканиране на цифрите на потребителите, правейки го по-точен от традиционните скенери. Според доклада това не е засегнато от грес, пот или светлина.

Оптичният сензор, който ще бъде три пъти по-евтин от ултразвуковата алтернатива, работи като цифров фотоапарат, улавяйки двуизмерно изображение на пръстов отпечатък. Той не е толкова точен, колкото скенерът дебютира в двата модела от висок клас S10, и ще се мъчи да сканира пръстите, ако са мръсни, прекалено мокри или прекалено сухи, или ако външните светлини се натъкнат на пътя.

25/7/18: Съобщава се, че Samsung разработва свой собствен графичен процесор, който ще излъчи "изцяло нов дизайн" и може да направи своя дебют в Galaxy S10.

Новината, първоначално разбита от Graphic Speak and later corroborated by reliable tipster Ice Universe (По-долу), claims that Samsung is developing an in-house GPU that delivers "leading performance/watt" in simulations.

The GPU will sport an all-new architecture that could make it work in everything smartphones to supercomputers, according to an analyst briefed on the work.

"This is really a big deal — it's the first new GPU design in 10 years," said Jon Peddie, principal of Jon Peddie Research.

The Samsung GPU could "put it on par with Apple," Peddie added. "This design is so good, they could deploy it in every platform — it's a function of their ambition. If I owned it, it would be in everything including cockpits and supercomputers."

The GPU, developed by Samsung newbie  Dr. Chien-Ping Lu, a graphics veteran who previously worked at Nvidia and MediaTek,  is expected to first appear in a Samsung Exynos smartphone processor – a sign that it could crop up in the firm's 10th anniversary Galaxy S10.

The company has not decided whether it will license the technology, according to the report.

20/7/18: The Samsung Galaxy S10 will have significantly smaller bezels than its S9 predecessor, according to the latest rumours.

While the Galaxy S9 was pretty much a carbon copy of the Galaxy S8 before it, despite rumours that it would boast significantly smaller bezels, it looks like Samsung has been saving these big upgrades for its 10th anniversary Galaxy S release.

According to Twitter tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10's screen to body ratio will be "greatly improved" compared to the S9. There's no word on specifics, but it's likely the Samsung will eliminate the bottom bezel on the device to achieve a screen to body ratio of around 90 per cent.

Currently, the Galaxy S9 has a screen-to-body ratio of around 84 per cent.

In a follow-up tweet, Ice Universe also suggests that the S10 will offer improvements in the battery department, saying: "If you use the more sophisticated packaging technology SLP, then the battery is definitely bigger than the S9, and the Samsung president said that he is working hard to solve the charging speed problem."

18/7/17: Qualcomm has shown off an early prototype of its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that's expected to debut on the Galaxy S10.

According to Twitter tipster Ice Universe, Samsung will be among the first to work with Qualcomm's in-display fingerprint scanning technology. He quotes Samsung CEO Dj Koh as saying that the S10 won't adopt an optical fingerprinting solution because "optical fingerprinting can cause a bad user experience."

Qualcomm's ultrasonic tech, tested by CNET, "uses sound waves to generate a map of your fingerprint, with the wave of pressure bouncing off the contours of your skin."

The technology, which could spell the end of the physical home button, also offers a number of advantages over optical scanners, the report notes. It can scan a finger if it's wet, has a lag time of just 250 milliseconds, boasts a one per cent rejection rate and is measures in at just 0.15mm, so it won't result in chunky smartphones.

Qualcomm has confirmed that the tech will start showing up in smartphones next spring.

17/7/18: Apple guru Ming-Chi Kuo has turned his attention for Samsung and is predicting that the Galaxy S10 will come in three sizes.

In a report seen by Business Insider, Kuo says he expects the Galaxy S10 to be made available in 5.8in, 6.1in and 6.4in models – almost identical to the sizes that Kuo expects Apple's 2018 iPhones to come in.

Adding weight to recent rumours, Kuo expects the larger two S10 models to include in-display fingerprint sensors, and the smaller model to include a fingerprint sensor on the side.

Kuo adds that Samsung will "aggressively" promote the on-screen fingerprint scanning – likely because it's a feature Apple's not planning to include on its incoming iPhones.

Kuo predicts Samsung could ship 40 million Galaxy S10 phones next year, mostly the two larger models – no doubt the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. Samsung could also ship 14 million to 16 million Galaxy Note 10 phones next year, according to the report.

10/7/18: Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus will arrive kitted out with five (five!) cameras, The Bell reports.

Samsung is reportedly planning three Galaxy S10 models for 2019, with earlier rumours claiming the highest-spec Galaxy S10 Plus will include a P20 Pro-rivalling triple-lens rear camera setup, much like Apple's incoming iPhone X Plus.

Korean website The Bell is now reporting that the S9 Plus successor will also feature a dual-camera setup on its front, likely to enable face-scanning tech similar to Apple's Face ID. Earlier rumours claimed Samsung's easily-fooled iris scanner will be replaced by a 3D-sensing camera on next year's S10 lineup.

The report also has some more information on the S10 Plus' rumoured triple-lens setup, which will allegedly comprise a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens, and a new 16MP, 120-degree ultra wide-angle lens.

The standard Galaxy S10 (codenamed 'Beyond 1') and entry-level ('Beyond 0') models aren't expected to offer such high-end camera credentials, though. The S10 will offer the same tri-camera setup on the back but only one on the front, according to the report, while  'Beyond 0' will reportedly come with a standard two cameras – one on the front and one on the back.

9/7/18: Samsung is planning a 'budget' version of Galaxy S10 that won't feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, according to The Bell,

Adding weight to earlier rumours (По-долу), the Korean website reports that Samsung is developing three variants of the Galaxy S10, codenamed 'Beyond 0', 'Beyond 1' and 'Beyond 2'.

The Bell states that while the latter two will be high-end devices that will feature screen-embedded fingerprint sensors, Beyond 0 will the first "entry-level" device in Samsung's S series lineup.

This model won't feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, according to the report, and will instead feature a side-mounted sensor similar to that seen on Moto Z3 Play and past Sony devices. If legit, this will be the first time that Samsung adopts such positioning for a fingerprint sensor, with The Bell noting that it's likely to be located along on the right edge of the user's thumb.

The decision to exclude an in-display fingerprint sensor on the Beyond 0 variant has been reportedly made, unsurprisingly, to cut costs.

The Fingerprint on Display (FOD) tech on the S10 series, set to be supplied by chipmaker Qualcomm, costs $15 per module, according to the report – seven times more expensive than the $2 module currently found on Samsung's flagship phones.

26/6/18: Samsung might be planning to release three new Galaxy S10 devices next year, according to Korean website ET News.

The report, which cites "multiple industry officials participating in the development of the next Galaxy S series", claims that Samsung is planning to follow in the footsteps of Apple, which will also allegedly launch three new devices later this year.

The first device, codenamed 'Beyond 0', will reportedly feature a 5.8in screen and a single-lens camera setup, much like the current Galaxy S9. This will be joined by the ‘Beyond 1', which will also feature a 5.8in screen but will sport an upgraded dual camera setup.

The 'Beyond 2', ET News claims, will pack a larger 6.2in screen,  and likely will arrive as the Galaxy S10 Plus. It'll also sport a triple-lens camera similar to that seen on the Huawei P20 Pro if the report is to be believed.

ET News doesn't have much else to say about the trio of incoming S10 models, but notes that Samsung is not yet ready to launch its first foldable smartphone – the Galaxy X – and is "rushing to develop it". According to recent rumours, it'll arrive at next year's MWC, with the S10 set to launch a month earlier at CES.

25/6/18: Samsung's Galaxy S10 will reportedly ditch the iris scanner in favour of an Apple-style 'Face ID' sensor.

So says a report from South Korean website The Bell, which has heard from unnamed sources that the Galaxy S10 will adopt a 3D-sensing camera on its front that will replace the current, easily-fooled iris scanner.

This won't be the only form of authentication on the device, as the report claims Samsung will also equip the S10 with an in-display fingerprint sensor. This, The Bell claims, is being developed by Qualcomm, Synaptics and the Taiwanese Institute of Technology, although the report notes that Samsung might "revise its strategy" should the tech not be ready in time for the smartphone's rumoured January launch.

The report doesn't give much else away, but does note that – like the firm's previous releases – there will be two variants: the 58in Galaxy S10 and 6.3in Galaxy S10 Plus.

21/6/18: An alleged prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S10 shows that the flagship could adopt an iPhone X-schooling all-screen design.

An image of the prototype was posted to Twitter by notorious tipster Ice Universe (По-долу). While he doesn't specifically mention the Galaxy S10, his use of the word 'beyond' – believed to be the codename for Samsung's upcoming flagship – all but gives it away.

The hands-on picture shows that, if legit, the Galaxy S10 could adopt a full-screen design similar to that seen on the Oppo Find X – which would give it a 93 per cent-ish screen-to-body ratio, up from the 83.6 per cent ratio found on the Galaxy S8 and S9.

Like the Oppo Find X, there's no sign of a front-facing camera – or indeed any sensors – on the front of the device, suggesting that Samsung could be next in line to adopt a pop-up front-facing camera rather than an iPhone X-style notch. Earlier this month, we heard that Samsung might avoid adopting an display cutout by equipping the S10 with futuristic, sound-emitting display tech.

Before you get your hopes up, though we find it hard to believe that the so-called ‘prototype' shows gives a legitimate picture of the Samsung's 2018 flagship given that the launch of the flagship is at least six months away.

According to recent rumours (По-долу), the Galaxy S10 is likely to make its first official appearance at next year's CES in Las Vegas.

14/6/18: Samsung will avoid sticking a notch on next year's Galaxy S10 by adopting to futuristic, sound-emitting display tech, says ETNews,

The Korean publication report that Samsung, along with LG, is gearing up to debut 'sound-emitting displays' on its smartphones starting next year, having previously shown off prototypes of the technology at the SID expo last month.

This display tech will allow sound through to be emitted through a phone's screen, removing the need for a front-facing earpiece and, in turn, an iPhone X-style display cutout. This means that Samsung, if it was to adopt a pop-up selfie camera like the recently-announced Vivo Nex, could push the screen on the S10 all the way to the top edge of the device.

16/5/18: Samsung is reportedly planning to equip next year's Galaxy S10 with a ridiculously-sharp display that'll blow the iPhone X out of the water.

According to Twitter tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10's screen resolution is going to exceed 600ppi – trumping the iPhone X's 458ppi and the Galaxy S9's 570ppi screen.

It remains to be seen the display will match the eye-popping brightness of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, though, which packs a 5.8in 3840×2160 4K screen with a pixel density of 760ppi.

As well as a souped-up screen resolution, the Galaxy S10 is also expected to feature a screen to body ratio of 93 per cent – improving on the Galaxy S9's 83.6 per cent ratio.

Further, it's looking, it's looking increasingly likely that the Galaxy S10 will the first Samsung's phone to feature an in-screen fingerprint reader after Ice Universe tweeted that the ultrasonic tech won't make it to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

"It is almost certain that Note9 has no FOD [Fingerprint-reader On Display]", read the tweet.

4/5/18: Rumours claim Samsung will launch its Galaxy S10 flagship in January 2018, with plans to launch its long-awaited foldable smartphone at MWC in February.

Korean newspaper The Bell, naturally, reports that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to see an official unveiling at CES in January, with the "procurement of parts" to begin in October.

While this isn't the first time we've heard that Samsung might launch its next flagship smartphone ahead of schedule, this rumour has a bit more meat. The Bell claims that the S10's launch has been pushed forward to make room for its long-rumoured foldable 'Galaxy X' smartphone.

Samsung has reportedly asked suppliers to start supplying component for the smartphone this November, with plans to unveil the handset at MWC.

The so-called Galaxy X will feature a"fold-in structure", The Bell notes, comprising three 3.5in OLED panels. The front of the product will reportedly be equipped with two 3.5in panels to create a 7in screen, with an additional 3.5in display on the rear.

3/5/18: Samsung's Galaxy S10 is codenamed "Beyond" and will be the first to feature a screen-embedded fingerprint sensor, according to Korean news outlet The Bell,

Citing the "parts industry" as its source, the website claims that Samsung's 'Beyond' codename is fitting for the firm's 10th-anniversary flagship, with the firm aiming to "go beyond" what it has already achieved in the smartphone market.

To do that, the Galaxy S10 will be the first Samsung smartphone to be kitted out with Fingerprint on Display (FOD) tech, according to the report, which notes that the firm has attempted to introduce the feature since the Galaxy S8 but failed due to "technical difficulties".

Samsung will manage to embed a fingerprint sensor into the Galaxy S10's AMOLED screen, The Bell claims, although it's unclear who will be providing the firm with the futuristic tech.

It is not currently known if the Galaxy S10 will also feature iPhone X-a-like 3D sensing technology on the front.

"Unlike FOD, partners in the 3D sensing module are not detecting mass-production movements," one electronics industry official said.

18/4/18: The Galaxy S9 may be just weeks-old, but Samsung has reportedly finalised the design of next year's Galaxy S10.

So says Korean website The Bell, which claims that Samsung's 10th-anniversary Galaxy S series phones will arrive early next year equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner and a 3D sensing camera, similar to that found on the iPhone X.

The handset's under-screen fingerprint sensor, the report claims, is currently being developed by Qualcomm and Synaptics in the US, and Aegis Tech in Taiwan. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ will likely be the first Samsung smartphones to come equipped with the tech, with recent reports noting that, despite earlier rumours, the Galaxy Note 9 is unlikely to carry the feature.

The Galaxy S10's rumoured 3D-sensing module is being developed by camera firms Mantis Vision and Woodgate, The Bell notes. Further details about this feature remain vague, but it likely will offer iPhone X-style face-unlock functionality, improving on Samsung's current, and somewhat lacklustre iris-scanning solution.

Elsewhere, the Korean report debunks speculation that the Galaxy S10 will feature the foldable AMOLED screen that we've heard so much about, and instead claims that Samsung will stick to same curved Infinity displays found on this year's S9 and S9+.

The screens are allegedly getting bigger, though, with the S10 and S10 Plus tipped to feature 5.8in and 6.3in panels, respectively, 0.03in and 0.08in larger than their predecessors.

That's all The Bell has to give, but an earlier report claimed that – somewhat unsurprisingly – the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will be powered by Samsung's as-yet-unannounced Exynos 9820 SoC, that's expected to debut inside the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung's Exynos variants are typically released in Europe, with Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon 855 processor set to power its US-bound version.

Samsung, naturally, hasn't commented on the rumours. µ

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