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Parr questioned Roheryn's trip and agent tipping service

I don't know anything about that. I don't really talk to him about form.

Josh Parr

Parr was asked to present his telephone to the servants before leaving Rosehill, adding another touch to the ride which caused passengers to abuse it when he was again beaten to a $ 1.50 favorite coached by James Cummings in the opening.

That didn't help Parr and the perception of a bad trip at Roheryn.
Under intense interrogation after the race, Parr was asked to explain why he returned to the last position in the favored Bei and followed, an outsider of $ 21.

Parr sat back until he turned home, where he gave up nine lengths, and at that moment he had given up an impossible start for the winner.

He said, the horse had never traveled and was uncomfortable in running or on bridles.
He told the servants that he "did not want to make a circle on the ground" because the speed was too fast and "it would damage his chances".

The butler Marc Van Gestel told Parr that "in the years of my assignment, I had never heard" a reason not to ground before the race.


Sent at $ 1.50, Roheryn ran the last 600m cut from 32.35 seconds to complete the second 2 lengths to the Chess Master.

Cummings told the guards that the passengers had made a mistake by making Roheryn an impossible opportunity during a lengthy investigation of the defeat of the previously undefeated colt.

"It's not Josh's fault or yourself that the public made it $ 1.50," said coach Godolphin. "That's why we are here."

Roheryn has been supported from $ 1.70 to $ 1.50 for a week, and on Saturday jumped between $ 1.50 and $ 1.45 as he boomed after two wins. There is no money for other horses in the field.

Steward has Cummings and Parr directly in the room after the race and once again after the second race as they race in detail and analyze Parr's decisions, especially in the first half of the race.

Roheryn never entered the race and in turn it was clear that she had too much work, and the waiter had to ask questions.

Cummings added that he thought "it's ridiculous" that the winner, Chess Star, was at $ 9.50 after he tested Redzel and Pierata.

"I don't think it's too different from the last run and I want you to consider it. "He beat Ronstar four times that day and he beat him today with an additional three kilos," Cummings said. "He met a far better horse today than the last time."

When contacted by Fairfax Media last night, Walter said he did not want to comment on the ongoing investigation.

The investigation was postponed because the management had looked at Roheryn before walking and checking the betting pattern.

While Roheryn won two out of two, Chess Star was the winner and lead along the way.

He is strong to the line and is likely to head to Queensland for Guineas Magic Millions and a $ 500,000 triple crown bonus won by Pierata last year.

"He will go up there for the Gold Edition and the race that leads to the Magic Millions," said the coach with Adrian Bott. "We thought at 1100m they might be a bit sharp for him but he did it well and would improve when he stepped up. He is a smart horse and we are waiting to shoot Magic Millions rather than springs. "

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