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Pixel 3 Lite pictured next to Pixel 3

GOOGLE HAS OFFICIALLY introduced the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, both of which had exactly zero surprises in the store.

Given the huge number of leaks building up to Google's launch, there was little left for the firm to unveil. As expected, the flagship duo sport is larger than last year's models at 5.5in and 6.3in respectively, run Google's Android 9.0 OS and offer dual front-facing cameras and wireless charging for the first time.

We've rounded up everything you need to know about Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL below.

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Release date
The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping in Blighty on 1 November.

At the time of writing, some Pixel 3 XL models have sold out, with shipping dates now listed as "three to four weeks". This includes all the configurations of the new 'Not Pink' model and 128GB variants of the Black and White versions.

Here in the UK, the Pixel 3 will cost £ 739 with 64GB storage and £ 839 with 128GB of storage. The Pixel 3 XL will cost £ 869 and £ 969 with 64GB and 128GB of storage, respectively.

O2 has started taking pre-orders. It's offering the Pixel 3 from £ 43 per month and the Pixel 3 XL from £ 45 per month, both with £ 30 upfront costs.

Over the EE website, the Pixel 3 can be picked up for £ 10 on a £ 58 per month contract while the Pixel 3 XL will set you back £ 20 on a £ 63 tariff.

Three is the Pixel 3 from £ 41 per month with a £ 99 upfront cost, and the larger Pixel 3 XL from £ 47 per month with the same upfront cost.

Over at Sky Mobile, pricing for Pixel 3 starts at £ 35 per month, and from £ 40 per month for the Pixel 3 XL.

Vodafone is offering the Pixel 3 from £ 58 per month with a £ 49 upfront cost, and the larger Pixel 3 XL for £ 62 per month with the same £ 49 upfront fee.

Latest news
Google's Pixel 3 Lite has been spotted in the wild yet again, this time cosily up to its Pixel 3 sibling. Russian Twitter user @jc_ru shared the image, which appears to show the Pixel 3 Lite's taller 5.56in display with a 18.5: 9 aspect ratio next to the Pixel 3's 5.5in screen with 18: 9 ratio.

According to earlier rumors, the Pixel 3 Lite – codenamed 'Sargo' – features a Snapdragon 670 processor paired with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage, a 12.2MP main camera and the same 2,915mAh battery as the Pixel 3.

22/11/18: Some Pixel 3 owners are complaining that their spanking-new smartphone can not be bootloader unlocked, even if purchased directly from Google. Specifically, over on XDA Developers forum, owners of the Pixel 3 and 3 XL are stating that the "OEM unlocking" toggle within Developer Options is grayed out.

While Google has not yet commented, some are speculating that Google Store could be shipping Verizon models by mistake; Typically, devices purchased directly from the firm are easily unlockable, while those purchased from Verizon – the exclusive US carrier for all Pixel models – can not.

It's likely Google will push out and software fix; and similar issue affected Pixel 2 handsets last year, but users were required to perform a factory reset.

20/11/18: Pixel 3 owners are reporting another software glitch, and this one is disabling the smartphone's 'world-class' camera. Over on Google's forums and Reddit, users are complaining that a bug is preventing them from using the camera app; some are seeing a 'fatal error' pop-up, while others are getting a 'can not connect to camera' message in third-party apps. Users say that rebooting the device temporarily fixes the glitch, and others say it even persists if you factory-reset the Pixel 3 Google has not yet said whether a fix is ​​coming.

19/11/18: Google looks to be prepping a mid-range version of the Pixel 3 complete with a plastic chassis and a 3.5mm headphone jack, according to photos obtained by Rozetked. The leak suggests that the so-called Pixel 3 Lite, codenamed 'Sargo', will sport a 5.5in 2,220×1080 LCD screen and Snapdragon 670 SoC, 4GB RAM and 32GB built-in storage, down from the 64GB included with the Pixels flagship 3.

The photo also appears to show that the front front speaker has been axed, and instead replaced by a bottom-firing speaker. However, Rozetked claims that the handset will feature the same camera setup as the regular Pixel 3; and the added bonus of a headphone jack.

15/11/18: Google has promised that a fix is ​​coming up for a bug that is causing the text messages to vanish for Pixel 3 and 3 XL owners. Those affected think the company's latest Android security update may be blame, but others say that their messages have vanished sometime last month. Either way, the glitch should be fixed shortly, with Google saying in a statement: "We've recently discovered a bug affecting SMS / MMS on a small number of Pixels 3s and are rolling out a fix soon."

14/11/18: Yet another bug is irking owners of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. After reports of disappearing photos, users are now complaining that text messages are vanishing after installing Google's latest security patch. According to one user on Reddit, via Android Police, two years' worth of messages were wiped after the update was installed, and it sounds like Google does not have any answers just yet.

According to Android Police and several users on Reddit, text messages began to disappear from users' inboxes shortly after the security patch was installed. One Redditor reportedly lost over two years worth of messages, with only recently created message threads showing up. Upon contacting support, several users were told that Google was aware of the issue and that they were working on it. It is unlikely that the Messages app is at fault, considering that older Pixels and the XL version are free from the issue.

12/11/18: The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are suffering from a overheating issue that causes handsets to shut down completely while on charge. As reported by 9to5Google, users have taken to social media to complain about the borkage, stating that the issue triggered when the phone is performing an action while being juiced.

Users have a notification that they will be "limited while phone cools down", followed by a slowdown in charge rate. For some, it will shut down entirely, with a "phone turned off due to heat" message once it restarts.

Google has yet to comment on the issue.

30/10/18: A weird, but also hilarious bug is equipping Pixel 3 XL handsets with, er, two notchesbelow).

As reported by Android Police, several users have noticed a bug that randomly adds a side-mounted notch to the Pixel 3 XL's display. Thankfully, according to Reddit users who have experienced the glitch, the virtual notch will disappear after a restart of the device.

Google is also aware of the problem too, telling Android Police that a fix for the issue is "coming soon".

24/10/18: The Pixel 3 and 3 XL only support fast wireless charging on Google-approved accessories, it's been revealed. Android Police reports that only the official Google Pixel Stand supports fast 10W wireless charging, while third-party products are stuck on slower 5W charging speeds, even if they are 10W capable.

It got the scoop from a miffed Pixel 3 owner who recently purchased a 10W Anker charger that was only clocking 5W speeds. Anker confirmed the bad news saying that their testing attributed the downgraded capabilities to a restrained put in by Google.

"Google's official wireless charger can provide 10W for the newly released Pixel 3 and Pixel XL 3, however, according to our quality engineer, Pixel sets a limitation for third party charging accessories and we are afraid that even our fast wireless charger can only provide 5W for these two devices, "the accessory maker said.

Google also confirmed it, but said in a statement that it is working with parents to get fast 10W chargers certified for use with the Pixel 3.

23/10/18: Just days after it was revealed that Google's Pixel 3 smartphones suffer from a photo-deleting bugbelow), users are complaining that the speakers on the 3 XL are producing buzzing or distorted sound. The issue, which appears to be confined to Google's larger flagship, is affecting a large number of users, who suggest that low-to-mid-range frequencies are particularly problematic.

"So I totally LOVE my new pixel 3 XL but there is a fuzzyness to the speakers on it," one Reddit user wrote. "It sounds like an electrical distortion, noticed it from day one."

Another moaned: "My speaker sounds like a shit at low volume, almost like a buzzing at the bottom and the sound is different depending on how I touch the back glass."

Google has yet to comment, but users are speculating that the issue is hardware-related, which means the replacement device may be the only solution.

22/10/18: Early adopters of Google's Pixel 3 and 3 XL complain that there is a problem with Camera app not saving pictures. The problem – which had also been affecting Pixel 2 and 2 XL devices, according to a Reddit thread – occurs when a user takes a photo with Google Camera and switches to another app or locks the handset immediately after. Some users speculate that the bug is related to the Android Doze battery saving feature, as it seems to have solved the problem for a few people. Google has yet to comment on the bug.

18/10/18: Google has spoken about the new Titan M security chip inside its Pixel 3 and 3 XL smartphones. In a post on his blog, the firm explains that the chip is derived from the Titan chip used in Google Cloud data centers, in order to bring "tamper-resistant" hardware security to its latest flagships.

The Titan M is integrated into the Verified Boot process, Google explains, which prevents malicious attacks from moving your device to an outdated version of Android trying to unlock the bootloader. It also secures the lock screen, and only after a successful verification will the Titan M allow for decryption. Titan M is also used to secure transactions in third-party apps.

In the case of third-party apps, Titan M, apps can now take advantage of StrongBox KeyStore APIs to generate and store private keys in Titan M.

"The Google Pay Team is actively testing these new APIs to secure transactions," Google said, noting that for applications that rely on user interaction, Titan M allows Android 9 Protected Confirmation – making it the first device to do so.

17/10/18: The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL were announced last week and, of course, iFixit has been quick to tear them apart. Most interestingly, the teardown reveals that Google's big flagship sports and Samsung-made AMOLED screen, confirming that LG has – unsurprisingly – been dumped as the company's display supplier. Elsewhere, the iFixit team came across the new Google Titan M Security chip, the same Pixel Visual Core as the Pixel 2 XL's. Overall, the teardown team slapped the Pixel 3's construction – which included "copious amounts of glue" with a lackluster reparability score of four out of 10.

9/10/18: Google has surprised no one with the launch of the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, which are, exactly, what you were expecting.

The Android Pie duo sport 5.5in 1080×2160 and 6.3in 1440×2960 ​​OLED displays, respectively, from the 5in and 6in screens found on Google's flagships last year. The Pixel 3 XL also sports a hefty iPhone X-a-like notch for the first time, while the Pixel 3 opts for an old-school bezaged display instead.

The front-facing cameras, which include standard and wide-angle lenses, have been introduced to house the handsets. Around the back, however, Google has stuck with a single 12.2MP camera, bucking the industry trend of dual, and in some cases triple-lens setups.

While this may sound somewhat lackluster on paper, Google's new 'Night Sight' feature – which will come as a software update later this year – will capture natural-looking photos in the dark without flash and will be rolling out as part of and software update later this year.

Under the hood, both the Pixel 3 and 3 XL Qualcomm's 10nm Snapdragon 845 processor, paired Google's new Titan M security chip, 4GB RAM and a choice of 64GB or 128GB built-in storage. The two handsets also support wireless charging for the first time, and Google is introducing its own charge stand – the Pixel Stand – as an optional accessory.

Design-wise, the new Pixels do not look too dissimilar to last year's models, and both offer the same IP68 certification as the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. However, Google has introduced a new 'Not Pink' model for its newer pink-colored handset. This will be offered alongside 'Just Black' and 'Clearly White' models.

8/10/18: With just one day away from Google's Pixel 3 XL unveiling, the handset has fallen victim to one last mega-leak. According to Engadget editor Richard Lai, the handset is already on sale in from a Hong Kong retailer for – and he managed to get his hands on one. The device in question has, as expected, a 6.3in 2.960 x 1.440 OLED screen, and Snapdragon 845 chips paired with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and a 3.732mAh battery. On the camera front, you'll find a 12.2MP rear-mounted snapper alongside two 8MP front-facing lenses.

Google will officially unveil the device on Tuesday, and its event will kick off at 4 pm UK time.

28/9/18: The Pixel 3 XL has made yet another premature appearance, courtesy of Russian YouTube Rozetked who has uploaded a hands-on video pitting the device against its Pixel 2 XL predecessor. The clip confirms that the 3 XL has around the same footprint as the 2 XL with a "significantly" bigger display. Ther camera protrudes more on the new model, though, which means it will rock if you place it on a flat surface.

While the video does not tell us much else we do not already know, Rozetked points out that the 3 XL has a new awesome vibration system like that on iDevices, even claiming it "may be better" than Apple's haptic feedback system.

27/9/18: Google's so-called 'Pixel Stand', a wireless charging dock that will accompany the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, has cropped up in a leaked image.

mysmartprice-pixel-stand-pixel-3 "height =" 0 "width =" 970 "data-original =" d847-40b3-ac8a-d711e330f347 / mysmartprice-pixel-stand-pixel-3.jpg "style =" border-width: 0px; border-image-width: initial; width: 724px; height: auto; max-width: 100%; "/></figure>
<p>The image (<em>above</em>), shared by MySmartPrice, appears to be a press render, confirming that the USB-C dock has a hidden port along with a Google logo on its bottom. It also looks like you'll charge your Pixel 3 by sitting it upright on the stand, and once connected, it will turn your smartphone into a smart display.</p>
<p><strong>24/9/18: </strong>Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but it has not stopped Evan Blass posting his own set of really high-res and detailed renders of the Android Pie duo. </p>
<blockquote class=

Since you guys keep asking …

– Evan Blass (@evleaks) September 21, 2018

The images show off the bezel-adorned front of the Pixel 3, and the Pixel 3 XL's deep notch that appears to house two front-facing cameras. As for separate rumors, both models will feature two 8MP front-facing snappers: one with autofocus and f / 1.8 aperture, and a second wide angle, f / 2.2 fixed focus lens.

19/9/18: The Pixel 3 and 3 XL have suffered a huge number of leaks over the past few months, and now they have been outed in official-looking renders. Dutch blog Nieuwe Mobile has shared the renders, which shows the Android Pie duo housed in fabric-clad cases, similar to those of Google sold alongside the Pixel 2.

The images do not tell us much about the 5.4in Pixel 3 and 6.7in Pixel 3 XL, beyond confirming the handsets' single-lens rear cameras and dual-facing cameras. The Pixel XL 3's notch is also correct and present, unfortunately.

17/9/18: Google has confirmed that the Pixel 3 and 3 XL will be available in mint, black and white color options. While the smartphones already look set to have few surprises in store, Google has launched a promo site for the Pixel 3 duo – first spotted by Droid Life – which features the outline of a phone, along with the words "Coming Soon" and some digital confetti.

Clicking on the Google logo on the phone switches between each color, all but confirming that three models will be available at launch.

3/9/18: Yet another Pixel 3 XL has been spotted in the wild – this time in the back of a Lyft.

The driver of the cab has sent images of the as-yet-unreleased smartphone to Android Police after an idiot left the handset in the back of the vehicle.

"He thought his own Pixel 2 XL had somehow fallen back, but realized he was the 3 XL after seeing the notch and the Google logo on the back," the notes notes.

"Alligator returned the phone to the original owner a few minutes later.

Given the number of leaks the Pixel 3 XL has suffered, these latest images do not tell us much we do not already know; there's a hefty notch, and a single-lens rear camera and Google's usual two-tone design around the back.

30/8/18: Google will unveil its heavily-leaked Pixel 3 and 3 XL smartphones at an event on 9 October.

So says Bloomberg, which in a report detailing Apple's incoming 2018 iPhone lineup, notes that Google's Pixel 3 smartphones will debut a month later on October 9 – debunking earlier rumors of a 4 October launch.

It's unlikely Google will have many surprises in the store, as a number of leaks – allegedly powered by the sale of Pixel 3 XL devices on the Russian black market – has revealed almost all there is to know about Android Flagships.

28/8/18: The Google Pixel 3 XL has been exposed in yet another comprehensive hands-on video.

While the availability of the Pixel 3 XL on the black market means the handset has already been outed in all its glory, and the new high-quality unboxing video has given us an even closer look at the Android Pie flagship.

Posted by YouTube In DIGI, the two-and-a-half-minute video (below) shows off the Pixel 3 XL from all angles, confirming its glass back, notched display, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and single-lens rear camera.

The unboxing also confirms what will come in the box: USB-C Pixel earbuds, and USB-C to the headphone socket adapter, and a USB-C 'Quick Switch Adapter'.

24/8/18: The huge number of leaks around the Pixel 3 XL may be credited to a Ukranian black market deal, which is flogging the as-yet-unreleased Google flagship for $ 2,000.

That's according to 9to5Google, Which has verified that the potentially stolen, pre-release handsets can be credited for the huge number of leaks around Google's incoming Pixel 3 XL.

The vendor, which has been phoning the devices via Telegram, claims the devices were originally intended to be given to Google engineers and has been telling interested buyers that the devices will be globally shipped from London.

A message sent by the seller, seen by 9to5Google, reads: "Remains only 3 pcs Google Pixel 3 XL I answer immediately to the most popular questions: • The price is 2000 $ • Payment is possible via PayPal or Bitcoin. • Dispatch is made from London via DHL or FedEx [removed] I also remind you that there is a large amount of Google Pixel 2 XL at a good price. Please! "

23/8/18: We're still two months away from the official unveiling of Pixel's Next Pixel phones, but that has not stopped yet more details about the Pixel 3 XL from surfacing online.

New, high-quality images of the flagshipbelow) have been posted by Russian blog Rozetked, which reveals almost everything there is to know about the handset. Not only does the leak confirm the Pixel 3 XL's notched 2960×1440 display and uniform design, but it also reveals that the flagship will feature Snapdragon 845 processor, Google's Android Pie OS and bundled USB-C Pixel Buds.

Alleged camera samples from the Pixel 3 XL have also been posted to Instagram user Khoroshev's account, demonstrating the performance of the alleged 12MP rear-facing sensor.

And if that was not enough, Khoroshev also posted a video of Pixel 3 XL's wireless charging in action, confirming that it will be the first Google smartphone to support wire-free charging.

21/8/18: The Pixel 3 XL has been spotted out and about in public and photographed by a MobileSyrup reader.

The spy shots (below), taken on the Canadian public transport system, confirm that Android Pie flagship will sport a deep iPhone X-like which will seemingly house two front-facing cameras. It remains unclear whether these will be used to offer Face ID-style authentication, or simply a souped-up portrait mode with bokeh effect.

An image of the back of the device does not tell us much but it looks like a single-lens rear camera and a new curved glass back. Google's two-tone design looks set to remain too, despite earlier rumors pointing to a uniform color scheme.

13/8/18: A prematurely-posted hands-on video has revealed that Google's Pixel 3 XL will feature a Note 9-besting 6.7in screen.

The four-minute video (below), posted by Ukranian blogger 'iVenyaWay', gives us a glimpse of a powered-on, working Pixel 3 XL for the first time. And despite earlier rumors that the smartphone would pack a modest 6.2in ​​display, it shows us that the handset will pack a Note 9-rivalling 6.7in 2960×1440 OLED screen.

Unlike the Note 9, the Pixel 3 XL will be a sports and hint notch to house its dual front-facing cameras and a sizable chin underneath the display. It will also feature a 2015-esque single-lens 12.2MP camera on its back, while the Note 9 packs an upgraded 12MP dual camera system.

Elsewhere, this comprehensive leak confirms, if legit, that the Pixel 3 XL will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and 3,430mAh battery and a single USB-C port. It will also run Android 9.0 Pie, naturally, and the video shows off Google's new navigation gestures.

8/8/18: The unveiling of Google's Pixel 3 lineup is presumably still months away, but it has not stopped images of "finalized" Pixel 3 XL production hardware showing up online.

The pictures (below), which comes via the Russian tech blogger Channel Luck's, confirming much of what we already know, showing the Pixel 3s chunky notch, its single-lens rear camera and its new uniform color scheme, with Google ridding its usual two-tone design.

A peek at the handset's Settings menu confirms that the Pixel 3 XL runs Android 9 naturally and packs a 8-core Qualcomm processor (presumably the Snapdragon 845) paired with a measly 4GB RAM and an Adreno GPU. The image also confirms the handset's screen resolution of 1440×2960 ​​and pixel density of 494.

Also included in the leak is an image of what looks like bundled USB-C headphones (above), all-but-confirming earlier rumors that Google is prepping and a wired version of its Pixel Bud earphones.

6/8/18: The launch date for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL has leaked, courtesy of, er, Google.

YouTube channel This is Tech Today spotted an advertisement on Famebit, allegedly made by Google, which seeks to cover the Pixel 3's upcoming launch. The ad confirms the smartphone's 4 October launch date – the same date that the Pixel 2 and first-gen Pixel made their debut.

Google's slip up comes just days after specs for Pixel 3 XL appeared on Geekbench, confirming that the smartphone will pack Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 CPU paired with a measly 4GB of RAM. Still, the smartphone's single-core score of 2426 and a multi-core score of 8355 are both significantly higher than last year's Pixel 2 XL, which came in with scores of 1845 and 6185.

30/7/18: The Google Pixel 3 XL has been shown off in its clearest leak yet, confirming its 'Clearly White' color variant and iPhone X-style display cutout.

XDA Developer Forum user claims to have gotten his hands on Google Pixel 3 XL, the largest of the two flagship handsets that Google is expected to launch later this year.

The legit-looking images, which are said to show off the Pixel 3 XL's 'Clearly White' color variant, back up earlier rumors that the smartphone will feature a notch on its front to accommodate two front-facing speakers. There will also be a sizable chin on the bottom of the phone, supposedly the Pixel's front-facing speaker.

Pictures of the device's back confirm that Google will be releasing its two-tone effect design, but plans to stick with a single-lens rear-facing camera, despite most modern smartphones sporting at least two.

And Pixel 3 XL will pack 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage, based on the Fastboot screen's handset's device. According to, the assumed Pixel XL 3 is unable to boot any further because it has been "remotely erased by Google".

29/6/18: If you want to be surprised when Google unveiled the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL later this year, you might want to look away now.

New renders of the Android P duo, based on CAD files and shared by MySmartPrice on behalf of reputable leaker @OnLeaks, show both the Pixel 3 and 3 XL from all angles, and reinforce much of what we've seen already: glass backs, single-lens cameras and Google's typical two-tone design.

The Pixel 3 XL will sport chunky chin and an iPhone-style notch, albeit smaller than the cutout on Apple's flagship. This will sit on the top of the handset's 6.2in ​​display, which MySpartPrice speculate will boast a 19: 9 aspect ratio.

The smaller Google Pixel 3 does not feature a notch and instead sticks to the bezels above and below its 5.4in 18: 9 aspect ratio display, though these look noticeably smaller than the bezels on last year's Pixel 2.

Both devices will sport somewhat-dated single lens cameras on their rear, and appear to sport two sensors up front (although MySmartPrice notes that the second module could be an ambient light sensor.

In terms of physical dimensions, the Pixel 3 will measure 145.6×68.2×7.9mm, while the Pixel 3 XL will measure 158×76.6×7.9mm. However, both smartphones will measure 8.6mm when the rear camera bump is accounted for.

The 5K renders do not give much else besides confirming the handsets' USB-C port and SIM-card tray, but MySmartPrice Note that Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor can power both devices.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are set to make their official, albeit unsurprising debut in October.

8/6/18: The Google Pixel 3 XL has been pictured in the wild, confirming that, er, it's not all that exciting.

The images (below), which comes from XDA Developers member of Meraz9000, show that Google's large-screened Android P flagship will follow the notch trend, with a chunky iPhone X-style cutout sat at the top of its display. This corroborates a recent report from Bloomberg (below), which claimed that while the Pixel 3 XL will be sporting and notch, its smaller Pixel 3 will not receive the same treatment.

The XDA user also confirmed that the Pixel 3 XL will have a glass backside, suggesting it could offer support for wireless charging – albeit not for the OnePlus 6 or Moto Z3 Play.

Elsewhere, things are pretty run-of-the-mill. Expect the Pixel 3 XL, which is expected to come in October, feature a protruding single-lens rear camera, a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

31/5/18: Just days after we got our first glimpse at Google's Pixel 3 and 3 XL, Bloomberg is reporting that the handsets will make their debut in October.

The bigger Pixel 3 XL will feature an almost edge-to-edge display with a notch in the top. This cutout will not be as wide as that on the iPhone X, but Bloomberg claims that it will be taller.

The Pixel 3, on the other hand, will not look too different to last year's Pixel 2, and will not include the notch or edge-to-edge design seen on the larger, no doubt more-expensive model.

Both Android P smartphones are tipped to sports two front-facing cameras, similar to those seen on HTC's U12 Plus. Google will stick to single-lens cameras on the back, according to the report, but these will supposedly support dual-camera-alike Bokeh effects thanks to optimized software.

With Google's borrowing features from HTC's latest flagship, it will probably not be surprising to learn that the engineering talent that HTC's firm acquired earlier this year will be heavily involved in developing new devices. The report notes that Google is reportedly in talks with Foxconn to handle assembly.

While this is not the juiciest of leaks, the Ice Supply tipster is claiming that LG Display will be supplying OLED panels with notches to Google. This could surprise some as LG faced a lot of criticism for the OLED display in last year's Pixel 2 XL, with users complaining about a blue hue, muddy colors and grainy images.

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will roll out in October, Bloomberg claims, and will be a Verizon exclusive in the US.

29/5/18: We have a few months to go until Google's next-generation Pixel smartphones become official, but details about Android P smartphones have already started to surface online.

Our first tidbit of speculation comes courtesy of a pair of alleged tempered glass screen protectors. Images of the official-looking accessories were posted to Weibo, via SlashLeaks, and show that Google will be the next Android OEM to adopt an iPhone X-style notch.

While the presence of a display cut is hardly surprising given that Android P comes with native notch support, the leak suggests that only one of the Pixel 3 smartphones – the larger Pixel 3 XL – will sport one.

And the image – which has since been yanked from Weibo – shows that the Pixel 3 XL's notch will be considerably less intrusive than some, and appears to have a similar size to that found on the OnePlus 6.

Not much else can be gained from shady images, although both Pixel 3 and 3 XL appear to be sport cutouts for the ambient light sensor and front-facing camera. It's possible that, like HTC, Google is planning to dual front-facing cameras on these devices given the number of cutouts present, but it's more likely to be some other sensor.

While we do not know much about Google's incoming smartphones, we know that they will probably debut alongside a trio Pixel-branded smartwatches.

Codenamed 'Ling,' 'Sardine,' and 'Triton,' the smartwatches are expected include "at least" 1GB RAM, Bluetooth with apt-X, GPS, and LTE with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) support, which means that the third-gen Apple Watch, the Pixel smartwatches will also be able to carry out calls without being paired to a smartphone.

Health will also be a focus, with the smartwatches set to feature step tracking and a baked-in heart rate monitor.

Unsurprisingly, the trio of smartwatches will be based on Qualcomm's incoming Wear OS chip, which reports claims will arrive as the Snapdragon Wear 3100. This quad-core chip will, according to the report, will keep the same 28nm process as Snapdragon Wear 2100 and will use the older ARM Cortex-A7 architecture and Adreno 304 GPU. µ

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