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Police officer may be fired for "having sex" in Nigerian Big Brother

The UK's high-profile woman, Hafi Karim, has opposed her bosses to appear in a series of evaporated Roma on television.

A police officer who once stood alongside Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to promote the recruitment of women and blacks has been told not to participate in Nigeria Big Brother,

But the 29-year-old has already received unpaid leave and joins the show, where she has tormented three times with 31-year-old businessman Ekpa Gedoni.

Their romance has caught the eye of viewers, but it faces an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service's Professional Standards Directorate (commonly known as The Met).

A colleague said: 'She is an employee of a British policeman – it is outrageous. She asked for permission to participate in the show, but when her request was denied, she still went.

"Her e-mail response blatantly says she's away from work, but no one is doing anything.

"Other officers who work with her are angry that she may simply disobey orders and then stray into Africa and tarnish the reputation of the forces."

The former domestic actress and sales clerk joined the Met as a PC based at Lambeth Station in 2015 after working part-time as a special police officer for four years.

She was inspired to sign up after a 16-year-old friend was stabbed to death, but spoke out against stopping and searching for police.


The computer, which earns around £ 30,000 (A53 586 dollars) a year, was introduced with Ms Dick and other female officers celebrating 100 years of women in the Met last November.

Ms Khafi, who speaks French, Italian and her native Yoruba – a language spoken in West Africa – works as a translator and spotter for a female genital mutilation team looking for possible victims at airports.

However, it was said that she was moved after collisions with colleagues.

After receiving unpaid leave, she asked to go to Nigeria Big Brother, but her request was denied.

However, there were pictures on the websites being promoted Big Brother Naija: Pepper Dem showing the computer in her uniform while she is billed as a talented dancer and singer.

The journalistic material reads: "Police officer Hafi Karim believes you can have it if you believe in yourself. She not only hopes to win the cash prize, but wants the exposure to be at Big Brother Naija House so she can do the public good. "

Autumn over ROMP?

Fans of the show, which began June 30, are eagerly watching her carry on with Mr. Ekpa.

Nigerian news websites have posted a video of the couple slamming and moaning under the sheets.

One article reads: "There is now concern that Huffie may be leaving Big Brother's house Nadja pregnant, as she and lover Gedoni continue their heated romance. The cameras captured them for the third time overnight, as other roommates were dead asleep.

"The footage, which is now trending, shows birds in love moving their bodies in ecstasy under the sheets.

"Gedoni and Huffy first entered the house on Saturday, July 20, and then again on Tuesday, July 23.

"Pregnancy can also occur because the roommates still have about 70 days in the house."

Her television appearances impressed colleagues. Another Matt source said: "There should be no return for her from this and her superiors will have to act.

"She fit the matrix perfectly for how the modern force wants to present itself, but it seems too big for her boots.

"It is difficult to understand how it can be argued that it did not lead to the power of dishonesty."

The Met said she was on unpaid leave granted "for an unrelated reason" before being denied permission to participate in the show.

A Met spokesman said last night: "The target is aware that since then the officer has appeared on the show without authorization. The Professional Standards Directorate has been notified and will investigate the circumstances.

"Meth does not support the appearance of the officer, nor does she represent Matt while appearing on the show.

"All officers have a duty to behave professionally and in a manner that does not cause the Meter to be dishonest, whether he is or not.

"Those who do not behave professionally are at risk of violating police standards of professional conduct and may be dealt with through misconduct."

HIGH Flight Recruit

When she was pictured with Ms. Dick last year, Ms. Huffie said The Guardian: "I didn't want my career out of bounds because I'm a woman or a black woman."

In March, a senior recruiter was invited to the West End premier Captain Marvel along with Deputy Commissioner Lucy D Orsey.

She revealed at a time when she was inspired to join the force after schoolboy Kojo Jenga, 16, was killed by a grassroots gang in Hammersmith in 2007.

"I was devastated, in shock and disbelief. It wasn't until the media started writing about it and flowers were left at the scene that he really went home, "she says at the time.

"I want to make a difference instead of shouting on the sidelines.

"How will racial violence change if people do not uphold other cultures? I wanted to be part of the decision. "

In addition to her police work, Ms. Khafi tweeted and wrote a blog about A Cup of Khafi travel.

Her Twitter account is also actively encouraging her participation in the Nigerian show.

When asked what she would do with the £ 50,000 ($ 90,000) prize, if she won, she didn't mention her return to the Met.

Instead, she told the producers: "I will hire a film crew and host a traveling show departing for every state in Nigeria presenting tourist destinations. I would also invest in charitable causes. "

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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