Monday , June 14 2021

RBT TV show: The operator almost avoids being hit by a car

A driver is on the move when he's hit a police car while avoiding hitting an operator who's shooting the television program "RBT" on the western outskirts of Adelaide.

The police conducted a random tapping station on Tapleys Hills Rd just before midnight on Saturday when a Red Sedan of Holden Commodore tried to avoid testing, turning into Buckle St.

Two police cars followed, and found Holden on the road without a road, trying to turn around.

The police officers approached the sedan and opened the passenger door, but the driver accelerated and hit the front of the unmarked police car, damaging the front bumper and the wheel.

Holden also missed an operator who was filming for the television series "RBT".

The sedan escaped from the scene south of Tapleys Hill Rd.

No one is injured.

Anyone who sees the red Holden Commodore sedan SA registration S945BVL is asked not to approach and call the police help line at 131444, or triple-0.

Meanwhile, the supposed leader of alcohol and P-plater were caught up in speed after a police persecution of Christie Downs.

The White Holden Utah was spotted northward on Dyson Rd around 3.30 am on Sunday.

A few minutes after the persecution, the driver stopped and was arrested. He claims to have returned a positive breath test of 0.154 – three times the limit.

Christy Downes' 23-year-old man is accused of numerous road traffic offenses, including police pursuit, dangerous driving, exceeding the prescribed alcohol concentration, and breach of temporary license terms.

He lost his license immediately for 12 months and his car was detained for 28 days.

At a later date, he was found at the Christies Beach magistrate's court.

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