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Replace food fools wedding guests

Vegan Wedding? No way. Here's how some of George Perl's family and friends said when she said she wanted a wedding wedding.

"Some people have expressed some disappointment and disapproval. I was surprised that people feel comfortable enough to tell us how we should plan our wedding, "said Georgia for

"We are old when we are guests of many weddings, and I will never go to tell any of my non-Vegan friends and family that they should have a vegan wedding, so it was a little shocking.

– There were comments like, "Oh, you will not have a Vegan wedding, are you? Some people do not want to eat vegans. You have to take care of everyone.

"Someone was also joking about ordering McDonald's from UberEats at the event.

But the couple took care of all nutritional requirements, including gluten-free, nut-free, and Fodmap friendly – just so these dishes are also vegan, and everyone can eat vegan food: at least for one meal.

No Vegan wedding was just for discussion.

27-year-old Georgie has grown vegetarian almost eight years ago – a natural development after years of vegetarianism.

"It makes sense that if you love and care for animals, veganism is something you can think of," she said.

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old farmer has gone vegans nearly 13 years ago, on his 18th birthday after watching a documentary Meet your meat,

The two met seven years ago to protest the export of live animals and fell in love with their shared beliefs. Now they live together in their own micro-protected place in rural Victoria, along with 16 orphan lambs, five rescue cats, and three dogs rescued from puppy farms.

George and Ward saw their wedding as an opportunity to present their relatives in their world of compassion and nonviolence.

"While veganism is primarily a movement to end the suffering of animals, something that people think the most is what you eat – so it was so important to show that you can still eat everything you love," said Georgie .

"We thought it would be a good opportunity to show that you can have all the tastes and flavors of your favorite foods without harming animals – so many of our menu is based on imitation.

"We are vegan because we do not love the cruelty of animals, not because we do not like the foods you like – it's just about creating them in a way that does not hurt.

Only 30 of the 180 guests were vegans. But everyone was welcomed at a wedding-style wedding, worth $ 140 per head, featuring some of Melbourne's most popular dining venues.

Georgia said food is one of the most important elements of the wedding, it takes a couple of six months to decide on the menu. They even booked a vendor – Woking Amazing – 12 months in advance to make sure they will not miss.

Some of the delicious vegan dishes include chicken smoke, eggy bacon rolls, garlic bread, lamb pizza, casserole salad, chicken satin skewers, stuffed chili cheeses, chicken and huge grazing on the table with vegetarian cheeses and other cakes.

The dessert includes "go vegan" stockings, a Smith & Deli wall, a soft-serving machine with all the extras, a pack of your dear Georgie bag, a lot of vegan alcohol, and a coffee basket just plant milks like soybeans , almond and oats.

And on top of this, a delightful Vanilla two-storey strawberry cheesecake with five layers of internal glaze.

– I think vendors were shocked by the speed of food. There was one stage when the food did not even reach the masses – people just grabbed her as soon as she was ready, coming to the tents because they wanted more, she said.

"We thought the grazing table was huge and would not be eaten – but it was gone after 15 minutes.

"Some of our harshest critics went out and said they loved food and how wrong they were. Others said the chicken was the best chicken they ever had – and it was obviously not a chicken.

"We have really great reviews for the weak Sims and eggy bacon rolls – everyone loved them!"

Georgia's fashion and beauty of the day were also cruel, with a custom-made wedding dress and vegan hair and make-up products without cruelty. The suits of the newlyweds were also wool-free, with leather shoes. Even the photography was made by fellow veteran couple in Be Here Be Now Photos and Film.

"It was so important to us that our wedding reflects our values," she said. "It felt like a very soft form of activism, not something too political or facial or destructive.

In general, the wedding, though controversial in the beginning, had absolute enthusiastic feedback. Several guests even think of getting a vegan.

"It was exciting to know that it was a great success and that people really loved it," said Georges.

"After all, we all agree that we do not want the animals to suffer – and if you show people that it's easy to make the change, it just adds one more reason why they should consider veganism.

"Even now, eight weeks later, we still get messages that this is the best wedding they've ever had, with non-vegetarian friends, saying how good food is and asking for sellers because want to eat again,

– I'm sorry I want to go back and eat more.

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