Sunday , August 1 2021

Research on the migration of sharks in the Whitsundays in lieu of drum lines

A $ 250,000 study will be carried out to determine the migration patterns of sharks around Queensland, in the hope of preventing further attacks.

Three people have been attacked by sharks in Cid Harbor in Whitsundays in the past two months.

That included doctor Victoria Daniel Christidis, who died on Monday after being tortured during a yachting holiday.

Today the brains of 22 ministers, scientists, tour operators and local government members gather at the Whitsundays to discuss solutions to a series of shark attacks.

But they formally ruled out the drum lanes that were fed, despite the demands of visitors.

"I had one family that came to me a few days ago and told me that if the drum channel was not included, they would not come here for a family vacation," said Jason Costigan, a local member.

The Queensland government ruled out drums because they could give false security forecasters.

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