Thursday , July 29 2021

Spice Girl Power is a sign of #MeToo


So when I arrived to meet the band, I was crucified when asked to cover up something very superficial. It was teenage girls outside the hotel who began to change their minds. There are hundreds of them. One – about 13 – has an angry red beard, which he tries to cover with his hand. (It's funny to think that an awkward child must be in his early 30s.) All the girls had bodies that they seemed to buy that morning and didn't really understand. Observing them, I experienced painful flashbacks at puberty when I was an obsessive fan of David Cassidy.

But the girls who shouted at the girls were still new. The previous generation of yodelled women for male star types will share their bounties faster with them than beds. The Spice Girls spice picks up that doesn't attract further chromosome appeal. They do not deny the attractiveness of the opposite sex, but they pinch anyone who dares to suggest that it must govern your life. I can see that this philosophical position – elegantly concluded by Scary Spice as "Don't take nonsense from friends" – will be very entertaining for an 11 year old child.

The secret to their appeal is normality. The girls don't look like stars; they look like girls who win prizes for meeting stars. Mel C (Sporty) talks about fame as if it were a lottery victory, which, for a girl who works in a chip shop, maybe that.

When I asked if they would call themselves feminists, Mel C laughed out loud: "I can't burn me Wonderbra. I never got anything above." Geri, philosopher of the house of Power Girl, said: "I remember when I used to mention feminism for girls, they went a bit: & # 39; Urgggh … & # 39;" Victoria remembers that, when she grew up, "feminism is … you wear dirty clothes and let your armpit hair grow. We say now you can wear a short skirt, but that doesn't mean you will be dominated by a man." Mel B concluded: "I like men. I know. I don't need them."

The years of waiting tell a rather dark story. Mel B is famous in cruel marriages and divorce leaves her broken. All girls already know heartbreak. I last saw Posh smiling in 1998. The most successful of the Spices, he also seemed to be the most unhappy. It's a shame that he won't lower himself to take part in the tour; he can do it with a laugh and maybe give him a break from his famous marriage.

I have no doubt that the Generation of Women's Generation grew up with a different attitude from mine, and that new belief was very valuable to them. "Don't say any nonsense from friends" sounds like a sign of MeToo.

Twenty years later, the time has come for a reassessment of spices. The five girls were told that they would never get the cover of a teen magazine. Because it won't sell.

Telegraph, London

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