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Steve Smith, David Warner faced off in the Sydney class cricket match while serving a sentence


November 10, 2018 17:22:58

Steve Smith has fallen just half a century for Sutherland in a Sydney class cricket match against David Warner Randwick Petersham, with fans overflowing into the packed Coogee Oval.

Key points:

  • Steve Smith and David Warner are undergoing 12 months of suspension imposed by Cricket Australia
  • Smith made 48 for Sutherland and Warner scored 13 for Randwick Petersham
  • Smith and Warner will potentially be available for selection for the World Cup next year

This is the first time Smith and Warner have faced a premier New South Wales competition because they were both banned for 12 months by Cricket Australia for their role in the ball beating scandal in South Africa earlier this year.

In front of an unprecedented crowd of 2,000, who left some sitting between fences and ropes, former Test teammate Shane Watson overshadowed the 41-ball suspended pair 63 for Sutherland.

But while Watson thrilled the mob with a maximum of five, all the attention was on Smith and Warner when they posed for photos, signed autographs and cheered all day.

"This is untrustworthy," said president Randwick Petersham and resigned from fast examiner Mike Whitney.

"It only shows if you can get these people back to playing club cricket, how interesting that is in the cricket club."

Such was the interest in the match, Randwick Petersham even flew a family from Victoria so that their son became a shadow of Warner for the day after he wrote to the club that described him as his hero.

"I think I have to go back to the 1970s or early 80s when I played in the first class when we would have something like that," Whitney said.

"We will have something like Alan Turner, John Dyson and Ron Crippin and myself with several other young players who came to play cricket Shield and things like that, and then the opposition has the same thing.

"But now, there are usually sprinkles in the stands, and then 15 or 20 here with their wives and parents."

Ex-Australia teammate Mitchell Johnson was also present, such as former Australian captain Steve Waugh, who was watching his son, Austin.

After Warner had previously been caught in a ditch for 13, cutting outside the stump of young Waugh as Randwick posted 261, Smith was more careful in his beats.

His 48 came from 71 balls as he hit two borders on the ground.

Smith had also previously taken the goal with the ball, after England regional representative Daniel Bell-Drummond followed after he scored 106 matches.

Warner and Smith are free to return to national set-up at the end of March, with their first match back likely to come in next year's World Cup one day in England.






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