Monday , August 2 2021

The annoying driving habit sparks rage

What was supposed to be a simple quiz on the rule of the road caused anger among Australian drivers after highlighting the very tedious habit that some drivers have.

Transport Western Australia shared a photo of two cars on its Facebook page and asked consumers what car is right on the road.

The chart showed a blue car traveling in the left lane with a silver car that was slightly behind him in the right-hand strap.

There is a sign that informs drivers that they have to merge into one strip.

"These two cars have to form a ribbon, which car is right on the road?"

The majority of Facebook users have agreed that the blue car is entitled to travel as it travels in front of the other car.

Later, WA transport praised so many people for getting the right answer.

But although most people agreed with the right answer, the issue still managed to create some controversy.

Some commentators say the blue car should be on the road, many drivers ignore the rule when they are on the road.

"But what really will happen is that the silver car will accelerate, cut off in front, and then continue to drive 10 km / h under the speed limit," one man writes.

– Give way to the vehicle at the front. But in WA, the white car thought she would miss something to speed up and try to push the blue car out of the way just to be able to say he had come there first, another said.

One guy added, "If I was the blue car, I would wait to see if the other car had let me go before it merged. Even if you know you are on the right, you still do not want an accident, as the silver car tries to fight you. On the road there are so many bad and ignorant drivers! "

Others have said drivers are disappointing to remind them of such a rule.

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