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The beauty bag Miranda Kerr loves

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has amazing hair.

Her signature brunettes are sturdy, shiny and super bouncing – so it makes sense to not use any product on them, as I was guilty several times.

However, there is an inexpensive chip element with which the star swears to keep its grass lush and smooth – and that's the only $ 17 theft.

David Kew, an Australian hairdresser of the stars, revealed at the budget footage he used for all his famous clients – shedding that Miranda is a big fan of that.

"I think my favorite product is the John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Creme, which is great for controlling take-offs, putting moisture back into your hair," he said.

"I used it for Miranda's hair and she loves him, always in the bathroom."

Other celebrities David has transferred his love to this element, including the 90s icon Melissa Joan Hart, Christina Applegate and Alyssa Milano and actress Suits Sarah Rafferty, who we all know is best with Meghan Markle too.

They are not the only ones who are raving about this bargain beauty that you can take in the supermarkets and pharmacies for $ 16.99.

In social media, women share their love for her, calling her "perfect" for dealing with dry and static hair.

John Frida's ambassador added that celebrities have "the same problems" as we do, so if they fit in cosmetics for beauty, the chances are they will work for you as well.

And given that David once said that making a red carpet of a star could cost up to $ 1,500 – that element is an absolute deal.

If you want to tame flyaways, the product is extremely easy to use, David added.

"Just in your hand, spend it through your hair, then use a brush and it really brings that shine back into your hair," he said.

Yes, I would happily split up twenty for hair like Miranda.

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