Saturday , December 5 2020

The first Marsquake was discovered

Mars InSight's cabin felt the earthquake in the planet.

The News: On its 128th day on the red planet, the cliff raised the first final sign of trembling from Mars. The small seismic activity that was measured was similar to the motion found on the Moon during Apollo's missions.

Some Background: InSight cabin arrived on Mars in November last year with the purpose learning more for the interior of our planetary neighbor. The crucial part of the hardware, the super-sensitive seismometer, made by the French space agency CNES, has its ear from the ground since December. The first earthquake signal was taken on April 6th.

What next: Although small, the earthquake is evidence of seismic activity, and larger earthquakes can still be detected, which can help researchers extract the inner structure of the planet. Several other potential earthquakes were also found, but they were even weaker and less clear in their origin. As InSight Chief Investigator Bruce Banner says a statement, "So far, we collect background noise, but this first event officially launches a new area: Martian seismology."

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