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The grandson of Doris Day claims the manager does not allow him to see her

The grandson of Doris Day has revealed that he was forbidden to see her in the final days of her life by her manager.

Ryan Melcher, the son of Dee Terry Melcher's late son, said he understood only about her grandmother's death in the news and social media.

The day died at 97 on Monday.

Melcher said that because of the divorce of his parents he was not allowed to see his grandmother for a long time.

However, Melcher, now a real estate agent in California, writes in Facebook: "When I was invited by Doris to dinner some years after my father's premature death in November 2004 (Melanoma), her new business manager, a former fan , intervened and asked me to meet him at the Cypress Inn family here in Carmel, California. "

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He added, "This man asked me," Why do you want to see Doris? "I was shocked not only by the question, but also by coming from someone who is a stranger and an outsider.

– I just replied, "um …. she is my grandmother! "

"He replied," I'm afraid you will not be able to see your grandmother, "citing divorce between my parents as an excuse.

Looking back, I had to say more; she had to go home and not let any stranger come between us, but unfortunately the tall fences and the 24-hour security guards, under the direction of her new businessman, prevented me from standing up and getting back in touch with my family. She was so happy to talk to me, and we were both very excited about our upcoming dinner together a week ago, and that person was obviously manipulating the situation.

Melcher said he would still remember Doris kindly thanks to her early memories of her. She would go home every day after school, adding: "She has implied the desire and confidence that I will carry with myself for the rest of my life."

But he said, "The dinner between my grandmother and I never took place. Every communication was cut off from that moment and I was left confused. Later I realized that the business manager had fired all the long-standing members of my grandmother's board and appointed his direct family as new council members. It seems that I was not the only one who was cut off.

"For a while, I tried to figure out what had happened, but in the end I decided not to cause any new emotional waves for my grandmother, who had been late.

"Besides, from what I had heard in society from familiar people, her mind had already begun to slip, so I was afraid my job would cause even more stress due to the new people around her. I could not make myself continue fighting in a difficult battle at the expense of her well-being or my family. "

"When you are young, you believe the adults when you say that you are the problem, but no child – or an adult in this case – should say who can or can not love. Especially family.

"I will be grateful forever for the time I had with my father and grandmother. When I was younger, our family was so close, and I was so happy that I had such special people who grew me up. Teach me to live now and not let things go unspoken. This is a firm truth, but this is my truth that I hope others will learn. "

The Doris Day Animal Foundation has confirmed that the Hollywood icon is surrounded by close friends when it passes.

A statement said she "had been in excellent physical health for her age, until recently had a serious case of pneumonia."

It also states that the Day makes it clear that she does not want a lot of time spent in the memory of her death.

Doris's wish is that she does not have a funeral or pansy and has no tombstone – the statement reads in part.

Her current manager, Chief Financial Officer of her foundation and friend Bob Bashara, told people that she was not usually involved in talks about death.

A day, a keen animal lover, reportedly did not want to talk about funerals. "She did not love death and could not be with her animals if they had to be shot down," Bashara said.

While Bashar was not sure exactly why Day did not want a funeral, he assumed that it was because he was a shy man, though he was one of the most iconic figures in history.

It is unclear whether Melcher was referring to Bashar in his Facebook post.

This story originally appeared in NY Post and is reissued here with permission

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