Tuesday , July 16 2019
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The main oil melts stop German refineries

French oil and gas company Total said it has ceased operations in some of the Leuna refinery parts in Germany for 230,000 barrels a day for technical inspections following the prolonged situation of contaminated Russian supplies.

Overall, he said he was conducting inspections to manage any long-term supply-side complications due to polluted Russian crude oil.

"Operations are expected to continue on Saturday, using alternative deliveries through Gdansk (Poland)," the company said in a statement.

"With ongoing problems with the Druzhba pipeline, the capacity of the refinery will remain limited."

Overall, efforts will be made to curb the effect on the supply of gasoline, diesel and heating fuel to customers.

Generally refused to give details of the blocks that were stopped. The industrial monitor, Genscape, said earlier Friday that the vacuum distillation plant of 112,000 bp the refinery was one of the parts that had been shut down.

Russian oil flows have been suspended since April when high levels of organic chloride have been found in the raw material pumped through the Druzhba pipeline to the Ust-Luga port and other European countries.

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