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The theory of a GoT's double treason fan is viral

Game of Thrones fans predicted a bloody end for the show's incestuous couples.

John Snow will kill his aunt Daenerys Targaryen and Jaime Lannister will kill his sister Cersei predicts fans of the famous brutal HBO fantasy series.

John and Dannery were happily unconscious of being associated with John's true origin when they had sex in a boat during the seventh season.

The fans of GoT's death did not see

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The hot new couple is really coming in, and fans are already predicting that Daenerys might be pregnant after their love.

But the couple is unlikely to have a happy ending – as one theory suggests that John will be forced to incorporate his new love to invent a magical sword to defeat the king of the night and his army of undead.

Red Priestess Melissander predicts that John is the legendary "Prince Who Was Promised" or "Warrior of Light," who is the savior of the Lord of Light religion.

According to the legend, the figure will be born "in the middle of salt and smoke" and will draw a sword called Lightbringer from the flames.

A theory says the legend will come true only if the sword is extinguished in a "live fire".

In the original legend, Azor Ahai falsifies his sword by piercing his wife Nisa Nisa with his heart.

So John has to put the blade in the heart of a loved one – and that might be his new Daenerys girlfriend.

But the piercing Daenerys may not kill her, and she may instead become White Walker.

So they can manage Westeros together as a man and a corpse bride – suitably bitterly ending for the series.

Meanwhile, lovers Jaime Lannister and his sister Sersei may have an equally bloody ending.

IN Game of Thrones Books, Maggy the Frog predicted that Cersei would be strangled by his little brother: "Three (children) for you. Their golden crowns will be gold, and their golden covers. And when your tears drown you, the roller-man (the tall Valier for the "little brother") will wrap his arms around your pale white throat and stifle life from you. "

Everyone thought it would be Tyrion, but the fans predict that Jaime can make a choking.

They noticed the trail during Ed Sheeran's video when he sang a song called Hands of gold,

The melancholic melody tells the story of a man who is filled with "shame and bliss" for his lover – who fits into the secret bloodshed of the couple.

And the choir tells of a man with "cold" golden hands – Jaime has a golden hand, so the sinister song can relate to him.

Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres in Australia on April 15.

This story originally appears in the Sun and is reissued here with permission

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